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Is your hair too straight or lacking in volume ? Struggling to get the right length to create the hairstyle of your dreams ? Have you ever thought about hair extensions? Specializing in hair extensions, Expert Extensions is an online store that only offers quality Remy Hair extensions. Made from natural hair, they come in many shades for a mind-blowing natural effect. 

You can apply these extensions whatever your hair type is. Check out our full range of wavy hair extensions for amazing hair that is full of movement.

How do you apply wavy hair extensions ?

These wavy Remy Hair extensions are easy to apply. These cold fusion extensions can be attached with simple rings. No need for a professional, you can do it yourself and in a few steps, create your dream hairstyle at home. Simply thread a lock of hair into the connector and then add a lock of wavy hair extension using the hook provided in the kit. All you need to do then is attach the ring using the special clip. You only have to add a few extensions to achieve beautiful volumes of wavy hair. You will need around 180 for an entire head. Wavy hair extensions are also available in the hot fusion range.

Wavy hair extensions are available in a wide range of shades. You can select a few locks in various shades for a highlighted effect, or opt for the same color as your hair for a natural look that is completely blended. Brown, chestnut, blond, light blond, dark brown, golden brown, or even chocolate brown, it’s up to you to decide which color will be the perfect addition to your hair. 

How do I look after my wavy hair extensions ?

Wavy hair extensions are made of real hair, so they are very easy to look after and can be used for several months. All extensions are delivered in cellophane packaging, ensuring optimal hygiene and quality.  

These natural hair wavy extensions allow you to style your hair as you would normally. You can dye the extensions, straighten them, curl them, and cut them. To keep your wavy hair extensions soft and silky, use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to clean and brush the extensions in the hair's direction to avoid tangling and damaging them. To avoid weakening the points where they are held in place, don’t dry your hair with your head down. To keep your extensions shiny, make sure your hair dryer isn’t too hot. 

Take care of your wavy hair extensions and you can create any hairstyle for any occasion ! 


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