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Expert Hair Extensions is a hair extension specialist company that offers you the best value for money, thanks to our years of knowledge and experience. We provide only the most beautiful quality extensions that you can buy, assuring you of complete confidence in our products. Our range of extensions come in all styles, lengths and colors. They will give you the look you’re after which includes micro ring, pre-bonded, affordable clip in hair, and micro-loop hair extension. Every piece is, made with careful attention to detail and are always sorted and assembled by hand to ensure the most excellent quality.

With so many companies offering extensions online, you may be wondering what sets us at Expert Hair Extensions apart from the other suppliers. In addition to our extensive knowledge and experience, we ensure that all the extensions offered on our website are made with 100% human hair. This enables you to style, straighten and even color the extensions to ensure you get the perfect finished look you want to achieve.

Our website offers you the advantage to buy with complete confidence using our secure and encrypted payment solution, which always ensures your safety online. Our delivery is fast and effective with immediate dispatch.


For quality hair extensions, it is necessary to choose natural hair, which we have been offering for over 15 years. The hair extensions we offer have not undergone any chemical treatment or coloring. They are more durable than synthetic extensions, but also more realistic, they blend very naturally into your hair and are easily maintained. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, our human hair extensions do not require any additional care other than the care you already give to your own hair.

All of our hair extensions textures are soft, smooth, and high quality. Whether your hair is lacking in thickness or you want to add length, or simply to add a highlighted effect, whether you are a blonde, redhead, chestnut, our extensions will perfectly adapt to your hair, whatever the type. You can change your hairstyle and follow the trends at a low price, as our entire range is offered at affordable prices. We offer a range of hair colours and lengths: blond, red, brown, chestnut, medium or long, you will find what you are looking for for the most natural look.

We advise you to base your choice on the color of your lengths rather than your roots. Great care is taken with all finishes, regardless of the technique and product chosen.


Our expertise in the field of human hair extensions covers all types of hair extensions, which is why we distribute the following models: micro ring hair extensionspre bonded hair extensions (keratin)clip-in hair extensions , micro loop extensions, tape in hair extensionsponytails  hair extensions or fringe extensions. Durable and natural, all our types of hair extensions guarantee you the best result. Whatever the way you apply them, our human hair extensions guarantee a successful hairstyle, they behave and are maintained like your natural hair. Soft and silky, they blend perfectly into your own hair and can be styled with an iron and dried with a hair dryer.

To make it easier for you to apply them at home, we also offer the necessary materials and products for sale online so that you are quickly satisfied.


If you dream of having long hair or changing your hairstyle without going to the hairdresser, clip-in extensions are a perfect alternative to achieve your goal quickly. They are made of strips of hair that are held in place by small metal clips called "clip-ins", making them quick and easy to apply. A full head kit usually consists of 8 strips with clips that have a non-slip system that allows them to stay on your head all day. Clip-in hair extensions are suitable for all hair types and come in curly, curly, straight, afro and even with clip-in fringes.


Also known as keratin extensions, pre bonded hair extensions are one of today's top hair extension techniques.
They add volume and length to the hair by adding strands, the attachment point of which is composed of keratin. This attachment point is then melted using a heating device and fixed to the carrier strand. The main advantage of these pre bonded hair extensions is their natural look. Indeed, this type of installation blends perfectly with the hair, regardless of the hairstyle.


Micro loop hair extensions are simple techniques that allow you to have long hair without using glue or keratin. They are ready-to-wear strands that have a lasso.

These hair extensions have several advantages:

1- They are very economical since you can keep your strands intact for more than a year.
2- They do not damage the hair.
3- They also ensure a perfect protection of your hair.
4- The installation and removal of these micro loop hair extensions is quick and painless.


Miro ring hair extensions allow you to have long hair and/or to gain volume.
The installation of micro ring hair extensions allows you to benefit from an invisible extension, blending naturally into the hair.
There are several varieties of micro ring hair extensions. You can choose from tape in extensions, banded or easy loop hair extensions to enhance your look.

Whether it's a ponytail, cornrows or a wig, you can adopt the style and color of extension of your choice according to your preferences.