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Our premium weft hair extensions allow you to attach your extensions without using glue, heat or braids. The weft extensions transform your hair. Whatever the length of your hair, you can simply transform your style with a click of your finger, making it appear voluminous, thicker or longer. Made from 100% real Remy human hair, our extensions can be washed, and you’ll have no problems styling. View our full collection of weft hair extensions here.

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How do you attach natural weft hair extensions?

Natural weft hair extensions work the same way as conventional hair extensions. They are made from human hair as thick and resistant as Afro hair (frizzy, curly, smooth, braided). 

Putting them in can be done using the cold fusion method (without heat) adopting several weaving techniques. The use of glue or keratin is not required as the hair is simply braided close to the head and attached by sewing the extension strips on. 

You'll need to braid the top of your scalp and then sew the extensions into the braids further down.

Several methods of weaving natural hair exist: closed weaving, open weaving or closure. Each of these methods can be done by a hairdresser, however, you can always braid your hair yourself before the appointment. 

How do I care for my natural weft hair extensions? 

The extensions we offer on our online store have never been dyed or chemically treated. Each weft hair extensions can therefore be used for nearly 18 months while maintaining the same condition.

Our weft hair extensions are made from real Remy Hair. This quality will allow you to dye, curl, straighten and shampoo as your heart desires! 

Weft hair extensions is a widely used method and appreciated for its perfect and harmonious finish. Not only do these natural extensions make you look stunning, but they will also allow you to easily style your hair in different ways. 

To keep your weft hair extensions in pristine condition, we recommend washing them at least twice a week with warm water and a shampoo made especially for hair extensions. After washing, gently towel dry the weft extensions without rubbing them. For quicker results, you can also use a hair dryer. Brush your hair and weft extensions with a flat boar bristle brush. To nourish them, feel free to apply a little coconut oil. 

Be careful not to sleep with wet extensions as you may damage them. The more you take care of your extensions, the longer you can keep them! 


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