Weft hair extensions

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Our premium weft hair extensions allow you to attach your extensions without using glue, heat or braids. The weft extensions transform your hair. Whatever the length of your hair, you can simply transform your style with a click of your finger, making it appear voluminous, thicker or longer. Made from 100% real Remy human hair, our extensions can be washed, and you’ll have no problems styling. View our full collection of weft hair extensions here.

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Natural weft hair extensions are known to lengthen and double the volume of Afro hair types.

Having somewhere to attach the extension is great. With braids, you can choose between weaving a half head or a whole head. These weft hair extensions of naturally curly, straight, virgin or coloured hair, protect your hair and give you a new look.  These natural weft hair extensions are made with real hair. They are just the right size to blend in with your hair and increase its volume and length at the same time. They are reusable for 18 months, depending on how you care for them: wash them twice a week with warm water and special shampoo for hair extensions, styling with a special brush, etc... How to attach them: braid horizontally across your head in the desired areas. Sew the natural weft hair extension onto the braids.

Attaching the weft hair extensions is different from other types of hot fusion, cold fusion, micro-loop or clip-in hair extensions.

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