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These pre bonded hair extensions will give length and volume to your hair in a natural way.

We can attach the extensions using a variety of styles from straight hair extensions to wavy and curly.  We can offer a diverse range of colors which adapt according to the tint of your hair, together with a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

The application of the pre-bonded hair extensions is completely painless. The critical difference with the positioning of these extensions is the use of micro-rings or micro-loops which bond the tips of the strands by using a strong, but very discreet, keratin-based glue.  This delicate process ensures you have natural-looking, easy-to-maintain, lustrous, and vibrant hair.

Attaching your pre bonded hair extension is simple and easy. And involves carefully positioning the extensions using micro-rings or micro-loops which bond the tips of the strands by using a strong, but undetectable, keratin-based glue. This delicate process ensures you have natural-looking, easy-to-maintain, lustrous, and vibrant hair.

Another thing that makes our pre bonded hair extensions so appealing is the fact that they can be removed and reused. All this without any damage to either your hair or the human Remy hair extensions. This means you can choose to wear them for your special occasion, remove them, and keep them safely until you next want your hair to look amazing.

Pre-bonded hair extensions matched to your color

You must match your pre bonded hair extensions to your natural color if you want to achieve the most natural look you can. Fortunately, we have a massive range of pre bonded hair extensions in a vast selection of hues and colors to choose from.

It means that there is something to match every type and color of hair.

And that’s not all. Once you have made your decision and found the ideal product for your own needs, we can get your products to you within 72 h of you placing your order. Wherever you are in the world, you won’t need to wait to start looking fantastic and enjoying long and lustrous hair. We have a selection of shipping options available to our customers, allowing us to serve you wherever you may be and whatever country you are from. 

Pre bonded hair extensions prices :

We’ve always gone the extra mile to keep our pre bonded hair extensions prices as low as possible. We refuse to compromise on quality, though we work hard to guarantee unbeatable value for money on all bonded hair extensions. For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, the Expert Hair Extensions support team is standing by to take your call.

Pre bonded hair extensions max volume straight 1gr / 0.85gr

Cheap pre bonded hair extensions

Pre bonded human hair extensions max volume 1gr / 085gr

The pre bonded hair extensions max volume, as well as micro ring hair extensions or micro loop extensions max volume, will offer an exceptional result to your hair. It is the ideal weight for any thick human hair. You need around 100 pre bonded hair extensions to make an entire head.

Pre bonded hair extensions max volume wavy 1G / 0.85G

Pre bonded hair extensions wavy max volume 

Pre bonded hair extensions, as well as micro loop hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions, will offer an incomparable result to your hair.
It's the ideal weight for any thick hair.
These pre bonded hair extensions will blend perfectly with your hair, thanks to their installation system, with the U shaped. You need about 100 pre bonded hair extensions to make an entire head.

Pre bonded hair extensions STRAIGHT

Pre bonded hair extensions straight Remy Hair 

Straight pre-bonded hair extensions are 100% natural. Unlike micro-ring hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions, they are applied using an invisible Keratin-based glue.

This high-quality glue will firmly and discreetly connect your hair to human hair extensions. They adapt to any head and offer you a smooth, supple, and durable hairstyle.

Expert hair extensions guarantee the quality of its pre-bonded hair extensions during their specified life-cycle.

Pre bonded hair extensions wavy

Pre bonded hair extensions wavy Remy Hair

Occasionally, everyone’s hair needs a little assistance to get the volume and luster; it needs to understand that ‘wow’ factor. You may be lacking some ‘pzazz’ for a special event like a wedding. Without the necessary time to grow out of your natural hair or perhaps you have a hard time building any decent length without help. If you’re in this position, you’ll know exactly how far away your dream of a head of hair, full of volume, body and amazing curls can seem.

Fortunately, there is another way to achieve that same fantastic look, in the form of pre bonded hair extensions from Expert Hair Extensions, the premier name in the hair enhancement market.

The body wave pre-bonded hair extensions bring gorgeous ripples to your hair for those who prefer medium hair loops. These pre-bonded hair extensions are attache with keratin glue.

To apply human hair extensions to your hair, you need to heat this invisible and hypoallergenic glue with the heating clamp (not the smoothing iron). The keratin will connect both (extension and natural hair), will harden and dry, to offer you silky, wavy, and durable wool. You need around 180 human hair extensions to make a whole head.
For a softer attachment process, you can also opt for natural hair extensions with clips in or micro-rings extensions.

If you’ve never used 100% natural pre bonded hair extensions before, then you’re likely to be amazed by the results when using them. Rather than seeming like an artificial addition to your locks, when applied correctly, pre bonded Remy hair extensions look like a seamless continuation of your hairdo. What’s also great is this look can be achieved by you, in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Also, ordinarily, the process of creating hair length that reaches down to the middle of your back can takes years to achieve. With natural pre bond hair extensions, that same look is almost instantaneously, leaving you with the confidence that a fantastic head of hair provides. Strutting down the street, you’ll have the swagger of knowing that you look great and are turning heads as you go.

Pre bonded hair extensions curly

Curly Pre bonded Hair Extensions  

If you want to enhance your particular hairstyle instantly, there is no better way than curly pre bonded hair extensions. Offering glamorous curls, they can be blended into your natural hair and attached using heated, keratin-based glue.

These natural human hair extensions enhance glamorous curls. They adapt and blend with your hair, using a keratin-based glue. To connect the pre-bonded hair extensions to your natural hair, you heat them using a heating clamp, and the invisible glue fuses the hair extensions to your hair.

When the keratin dries, you are with curly, shiny and long-lasting hair. You will need around 180 pre-bonded hair extensions to make an entire head. You can also find curly natural hair extensions as clip-in hair extensions or micro-ring hair extensions. Expert Hair Extensions ensure the regular quality of its hair extensions during their specified life-cycle

At Expert Hair Extensions, our rigorous testing methods mean that you are always guaranteed the very best quality curly pre bond hair extensions on the market. Our durable products are designed to look great for their entire specified life-cycle.

Keratin is an invisible glue that is used to fuse hair as it is heated with a specially designed clamp. Curly hair extensions are created using 100% natural strands of human hair combined to make the perfect adornment your hair.

If you’re worried that your pre bonded hair extensions are not going to look like your hair, due to not getting an exact match, then you needn’t be concerned. Our curly hair extensions come in a wide selection of colors and shades, meaning that whatever color your hair is, there will be an option that matches your tone perfectly. Not only that but if your hair has its natural curl, then you can opt for ‘deep wave’ extensions that accentuate that curl with beautiful effects.

So durable are our products that you can straighten your extensions like your own natural hair or even color them, as you would your own.