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Is your hair lacking length? Do you suffer from a lack of volume ? Does your hairstyle fall apart when you move ? Have you ever thought about trying hair extensions? Extensions are by no means out of fashion and are so popular with women that all the biggest stars on the catwalk and in Hollywood are snapping them up!

Extensions are ideal when you want to change your hairstyle without having to wait for the right length. In addition, they give an amazing boost of volume to your hair. Be bold and step out with confidence again, feeling beautiful and radiant.

Expert Hair Extensions is the leader in the French market, offering you a wide range of extensions. Allow yourself to be tempted by our extensions, which are all made of real hair, giving you a completely natural result. Go for it!

What are the different types of hair extensions ?

In the world of hair extensions, hairstylists are full of ideas and techniques to provide length using extensions. Choose the type of extension that best suits your hair type.

If you have short hair and want to add length quickly but don't want to always keep it this way, choose clip-in hair extensions. They come in all shades. People won't notice that it's not your hair with this technique. Please note that if you have fine hair, opt for the adhesive strips.

For a professional look, hot fusion extensions are ideal. These extensions apply to your hair by melting the keratin that is at the end.

You can also opt for cold fusion extensions that do not require professional heating tools as with the previous method. As soon as you receive them, put them in using the hoop provided...nothing could be easier!

What length of hair extension do I need ?

In order to achieve the best result, you need to consider the length of the hair extensions. The length will depend on the result you wish to achieve, but also on the extensions you have chosen. We offer lengths ranging from 45 cm to 71 cm.

For a perfect look, you can follow the 2.25 inch or 5.7 cm rule. By measuring your face, you will respect the volume proportions of it. A measurement of less than 5.7 cm shows a short cut will suit you better. Above 5.7 cm, you can go for a long cut.

Hair extensions are easily positioned on most hair. A minimum of 4 cm length is required to apply extensions to. Below this length and the results could be less polished and long-lasting.

If you decide to use clip-ins, we recommend that your hair is at least 10 cm for an invisible finish.

Add volume and length to your look!

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