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Tape in hair extensions

All our human hair is highly resistant. All our techniques and methods of hair extensions respect your hair so as not to spoil it. For this reason, we recommend the pose of tape in hair extensions if you are looking for volume or length! These smooth additions are perfect for all because we offer them in many colours.

How to put the tape in hair extensions 

The tape in hair extensions is simple to place. It is not necessary to go to a hairdresser. You receive your extensions ready to put. With this so-called cold laying technique, the extension is held in place. Thanks to 100% natural and adhesive strips of hair that constitute a glue point, you have to set a lock of hair between these two bands.
This type of extensions is quick to apply, and the adhesive is harmless to the hair. If you maintain them properly, the tape in hair extensions can be reused, and you need to change the adhesive on the silicone tape. This method of extensions differs from micro loop extensions but offers the same guarantee of an optimal hold.
This pose is suitable for all types of hair except frizzy hair. The extensions are of high quality and blend easily, and they are comfortable and almost invisible because this type of laying is very flat, the extension becomes practically undetectable. For a triumphant pose, we advise you to follow these steps:

Isolate a large lock of your hair
Glue the first adhesive strip under the wick selected at the root level
Glue the second tape on the first one by pressing a few seconds
The bands can be more or less wide, which allows creating a wicking effect or thickening the hair. This product of excellence of quality Remy Hair is ideal for those having beautiful hair and without volume, and it exists in different colours.

The maintenance

Our tape in hair extensions can last several months. You can use your usual shampoo and conditioner. However, you must always unravel your tape extensions before shampooing. To avoid entanglement, we advise you to make two or three big braids.
You can also smooth them or make colourations like on your hair

Tape in hair extensions straight 28 Inch

Tape in hair extensions 

28 Inch give length to your natural hair. These tape in hair extensions reach the lower back, are recommended for those with flat and fine hair.

Give yourself a hair volume boost by attaching these hair extensions to the basis of your hair.

Tape in hair extensions straight 18 Inch

Tape in hair extensions 

18 inch arrive in the middle back. It's perfect and cheap hair extensions if you have straight hair and thin.

The tape in hair extensions are based with ease to your hair

Tape in hair extensions straight 24 Inch

Tape in hair extensions

24 inch add length to your natural hair. It arrives to the lower back, these tape in hair extensions are recommended for those with straight hair and thin.

Treat yourself to a volume gain in fixing these tape in hair extensions in the heart of your hair.