Micro loop hair extensions

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Our Micro ring hair extensions allow hair extension application with undeniably no glue, no heat and no braid. The micro-loop extensions give you a whole renovation of your hair.  Whatever the length of your hair, you can merely change your style, making your hair appear longer, thicker or more voluminous. Fashioned from 100% real Remy human hair, our extensions can be washed, and you’ll have no issues to style. Look at our full range below.

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Micro loop hair extensions

To change hairstyles without help!

Micro loop hair extensions are easily attached to both short and long hair. Thanks to a small "lasso" and a "siliconized metal ring," this cold installation is carried out quickly.
The micro loop hair extensions offer various options for a total makeover. Among other things: colorful hair extensions for a fabulous effect.
Micro loop hair extensions are available in several lengths, colors, and weights, shapes such as curly or wavy.

If you’re looking to make a significant change to your hairstyle without professional help, then you have come to the right place. Micro loop hair extensions are different from pre bonded hair extensions and are designed for glue-free attachment, thanks to a small ring or ‘lasso’ contained within. This ‘cold’ installation can be carried out quickly and easily and without the need for any adhesive.

Our micro loop hair extensions have many benefits that include:

  • Simple and quick attachment
  • Gentle to your own, natural hair
  • Accessible to everyone due to their affordability
  • Easily matchable and blended to your natural hair color

A fabulous effect can be achieved in a fraction of the time it takes to do it on your own, and we do such a wide range of colors and hues that whatever your color and style, you’ll always find micro loop hair extensions that match you perfectly. Achieving your dream look has never been easier!

They’re even reusable in that they’re so gentle to your hair that you can use and remove them as you see fit. As our beautiful range is as durable as it is glamorous, which means that if you use them in this way, the 12 months continuous use that you get from Remy hair will make your extensions part of your ‘going out’ outfit for years.

That’s not all either! We can ship to you within 48 hours, wherever you live in the world, using our international shipping service. Make your selection, purchase the most suitable micro loop hair extensions for you, and sit back. It’s that simple.

We’re proud to stock only the very best full head micro loop hair extensions, manufactured using the finest quality materials and built to last. Shop with Expert Hair Extensions for the total package of unbeatable quality and guaranteed value for money across our entire collection. For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the Expert Hair Extensions customer support team today.

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