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Clip in hair extensions

If you are longing for a new look, but you can’t grow your own hair long enough to achieve the style you’re after, then full head clip in hair extensions are the quick and simple solution to your problem. And you need not worry about damaging your hair either, as full head clip in hair extensions are about as gentle as they come. No adhesive is used in the process and enhancing your hairdo with them is as easy as can be.

Natural clip-in hair extensions are available for sustainable head change in record time. Several colours, weights, lengths and different forms of cheap clip in hair extensions are available: Straight, curly, wavy.

Clip in hair extensions UK stands with small metal clips called "clip -in" for installation simple and less expensive than micro ring hair extensions. Natural clip-in hair extensions provides a changing effect as many times as you like. It can be reused and repositioned at will without damaging your hair. Natural clip-in hair extensions guarantee you express makeover and a fascinating natural result to sublimate your hair.

Natural extensions clip-in come in a variety of weights, colours, lengths and styles. You can choose based on your own natural hair colour and style, with curly, straight and wavy options available, ensuring they blend in seamlessly with your own hair, making them look at natural as possible.

The natural extensions clip-in come with the convenience of metal clips, which are fast and easy to use, holding the extensions in place as naturally as possible. The clip-in extensions are designed to reduce the risk of damaging your natural hair while being considerably cheaper than other options available on the market today.

Benefits of clip in hair extensions

Whether you are looking for curly, wavy or straight extensions. Whether you are looking for long or shorter extensions to add length or volume to your hair, you will find that choosing natural extensions clip-in will provide you with a host of benefits that you can rely on and trust. These include:

  • Natural extensions clip-in can provide you with added length and volume as and when you need it. You may not want long hair all the time and only for special occasions. You can do this by merely clipping the extensions in place and then removing them to allow your natural hair to flow.
  • Natural hair can be styled. Unlike the synthetic options available on the market, natural hair extensions can be styled as you want. You can cut them, curl them and even straighten them without causing any unwelcome damage.
  • Unclip and Use Again

    One of the best characteristics of our range of clip in extensions is the fact that they are so easily and gently attached and removed. As they are simply clipped into place, our clip in extensions are able to be removed just as easily, all without the need for any adhesive or long attachment procedures. When you need to look great, you simply attach your extensions, enjoy whatever special occasions you want to dazzle at and then remove them after you get home. Our Remy hair extensions are top quality and will last for up to a year of being worn every day.

  • Natural extensions clip-in will blend in with your natural hair making it difficult for anyone to notice that the long, thick and beautiful hair you have is not your own.
  • Extensions that clip-in will not cause unwelcome damage to your own hair, unlike some of the other options. They are designed to be worn for shorter periods, and the clips hold them in place, easily removed within seconds.
  • Clip in extensions are more affordable than the other options on the market, such as the semi-permanent solutions.
  • They are so easy to use, clip them into place as per the instructions and you are ready to go.

Why Buy Your Natural Extensions Clip-in from Expert Hair Extensions ?

Here at Expert Hair Extensions we have years of knowledge and experience in the hair extensions industry. We have researched and refined our suppliers to ensure we only stock the most exceptional quality extensions that you can trust. We focus on providing our clients with the best extensions at the lowest prices, making beautiful hair available to everyone.

If you’ve left your preparation to the last minute and you want your clip in extensions shipped in a hurry, then you’re in luck. We offer domestic and international delivery in as little as 48 hours, meaning that whether you’re from Paris, Madrid or even New York, you’ll get your amazing new clip in extensions and fantastic new look in time for your big occasion.

Our extensive collection exclusively features the best clip in extensions money can buy. Superior-quality clip in real hair extensions, including full head clip in hair extensions, clip on fringes, exquisite Remy clip in hair extensions and so much more besides. The most beautiful real hair clip in hair extensions on the market brought to you by the team at Expert Hair Extensions.

Fringes with clips

Clip in fringe Remy hair:

Still in the clip in hair extensions category, the clip in fringe is made up of 100% natural hair extensions only. It adapts to all types of hairstyles.

This extension of bangs is without constraint and will not damage your hair. Re-adjustable and reusable in 10 seconds, the natural clip in fringe sublimate as many times as you want.  It's the perfect accessory!

The clip in fringe is fixed on the top of the head with 3 anti-slip clips. Longer hair extensions on each side frame the face. These hair extensions can be placed behind the ears, if the hairstyle requires it, of course. Blond, black, chestnut, chocolate. The bangs to clip is available in different colours to suit all hair. Choose your hue and adopt the new trendy hairstyles with the clip in fringe extension.

Clip in hair extensions straight max volume 180g

Max volume clip in hair extensions

The 180 Gr luxury max volume clip in hair extensions is ideal for an express makeover. The pose is easy, fast and practical, to change the hairstyle for a day or an evening. The max volume clip in hair extensions kit is installed alone and guarantees you length and 100% of volume without constraint and without damaging your hair. Re-adjustable and reusable, the max volume clip in hair extensions sublimates you as many times as you like. 
 The max volume clip in hair extensions weighs 180 Gr, the ideal weight for 100% volume + length and thus have the best clip extensions. This is indeed the weight that is recommended to use if you want to add the most volume possible, beyond 200 Gr, the maximum volume extension kits become less practical in everyday life.
 Each Expert hair extensions clip-in volume extension holds in place thanks to their small metal clip-in clips designed specifically to be hypoallergenic, anti-slip and repositionable for a striking natural volume effect.
 Max volume clip in hair extensions are also available in the shop if you prefer a micro ring hair extension, pre bonded extensions or micro loop hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions curly max volume 180g

Curly clip in hair extensions 100% human hair max volume

The pose is easy, fast and convenient, to change the hairstyle for a day or an evening. The curly hair extensions are installed alone and guarantee you length and 100% of volume without constraint and without damaging your hair.

The curly hair extensions weights 180 Gr, the ideal weight for 100% volume + length and thus have the best hair extensions, beyond 200 Gr, the kits become less practical every day.

Each curly hair extensions clip holds in place with its small metal clip-in clips explicitly designed to be hypoallergenic, anti-slip and repositionable for a stunning natural volume effect.

Clip in hair extensions wavy max volume 180g

Natural wavy clip in hair extensions with luxury volume clips

These wavy hair extensions with maxi volume clips are installed alone and guarantee you length and 100% of volume without constraint and without damaging your hair.

The maxi volume wavy hair extensions weights 180 Gr, the ideal weight for 100% volume + length and thus have the best clip in hair extensions.

Each maxi volume clip in hair extensions holds in place perfectly.

Thanks to its small metal clips (clip-in) explicitly designed to be hypoallergenic, anti-slip and repositionable.

Clip in hair extensions synthetic straight

Synthetic clip in hair extensions for full head

Synthetic clip in hair extensions are in Kenakelon fibre, similar to natural hair extensions, also called protein hair because of their similarity to human hair, guarantee a stunning result. The synthetic clip in hair extensions is soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and very resistant. Unlike natural hair extensions, they hardly support the iron to straighten or curl beyond 180 degrees.

Clip in hair extensions straight

Clip in hair extensions from Expert hair extensions :

The clip in hair extensions kit is ideal for an express makeover. It's easy, quick and convenient to change your hairstyle for a day or an evening. The clip in hair extensions kit has clip clips alone and guarantees length and volume without constraint and without damaging your hair. The clip in hair extensions kit has 16 clips and is made up of 8 strips of different widths. These human hair extensions stay in place perfectly, thanks to the small clip-in clip specially designed to be hypoallergenic, anti-slip and repositionable for a striking natural effect. Unlike micro ring hair extension laying, micro loop hair extensions or even pre bonded hair extensions, clip in hair extension poses and deposits as desired.

Clip in hair extensions wavy


There is no easier way to enhance your hair for a special occasion or a hot date than to use clip in hair extensions from Expert Hair Extensions. As they use no glue, using a small clip to attach themselves to the hair, they are the most gentle type of hair extensions on the market.

Easily attached and wonderfully natural looking, clip in hair extensions achieve what would otherwise take months or even years. You can go from shoulder length hair to a hairdo that reaches halfway down your back without having to wait the usual length of time.

Also, clip in extensions are a relatively inexpensive route to a beautiful, flowing head of hair. If you were to go to a professional hair stylist, the same look would cost a fortune, but the ease of attachment with clip in extensions means that anyone is able to attach them, even on their own. As easy as keratin bonded and micro loop extensions are, the clip in variety are even easier and makes them accessible to anyone who wants a fuller, wavier or longer head of hair without the wait.

Natural clip-in hair extensions wavy marry sublime undulations and fast as simple installation to an express makeover. Thanks to the natural wavy hair extensions clip in system , the application is made without assistance and tools for a natural hairstyle.

The cheap clip in hair extensions kit contains 16 clips and is composed of 8 different bandwidths.The clips remy hair extensions uk held in place with their little metal clips (clip -in) specially designed for hypoallergenic, anti- slip and repositionable for a natural striking effect.

Natural extensions clip-in wavy are the ideal choice if you have naturally wavy hair, ensuring that the extensions you use look as though they are part of your natural hair, enhancing your look and boosting your confidence.

These extensions are fast and easy to apply using the metal clip provided. The clip reduces the risk of damaging your own natural hair and is hypo-allergenic, anti-slip and durable, enabling you to wear your new natural extensions clip-in wavy with complete confidence at all times.

These extensions, made from natural hair, come in a choice of lengths ranging from 18” to 28”, enabling you to choose the length you want to achieve. The benefit is you can create length and volume using clip-in extensions in a safe and effective way.

The clip-in wavy extensions come in a range of colours and lengths, all made from one hundred per cent natural hair, providing you with a natural and beautiful finish when you want to add volume or length to your natural hair with ease.

Benefits of Buying from Expert Hair Extensions

When buying natural extensions clip-in wavy, you want to ensure you are buying natural hair and not synthetic hair. Synthetic hair may be cheaper, but it doesn't provide you with the benefits you get when choosing real human hair.

When you buy from us here at Expert Hair Extensions, you get to enjoy a host of benefits which includes our one hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee. We want to ensure all our clients are pleased with their purchases. In the event you are not happy, we have an experienced team on hand to assist you with your return.

We provide fast and effective delivery throughout the world. Orders placed in the United Kingdom can expect delivery in twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on your location.

Our international delivery service is provided by leading shipping companies to ensure that you enjoy a fast and effective delivery solution that you can trust.

We provide you with the ability to order online with complete confidence using our secure payment system. This system encrypts your data to ensure that your online safety is protected at all times.

To order your natural extensions clip-in wavy, you can order online using our easy to use online store or you are welcome to call one of our knowledgeable sales team for assistance.

Some companies offer a product that they claim is natural, which are in truth, synthetic. It might be the cheapest option, but it won’t achieve the look same natural look like real human hair. The only way to ensure that you get the real thing is to come to us and enjoy all the benefits that 100% natural Remy human hair extensions bring.

Clip in hair extensions curly

Clip in curly extensions offers you beautiful and long hair. For a volume effect and a touch of fantasy in the texture of your hair, these natural curly hair extensions clip in are quick to raise at home.

Looking for the confidence that a beautiful, long head of hair brings? Then our clip in hair extensions are just ticket. They offer the kind of body to your hairstyle that would otherwise take months or even years to achieve with your hair. What’s more, they’re simple to attach and gentle to your locks.

This cheap clip in hair extensions kit contains 16 clips and is composed of 8 bands of different widths. Expert hair extensions clips hold the extensions in place with their little metal clips (clip-in) specially designed for hypoallergenic, anti-slip and repositioned for a natural effect striking.

Natural extensions clip-in curly provide you with added volume, extra length and beautiful hair that can help boost your confidence and self-esteem, whether you want longer hair for a special event or you want to add volume on a daily basis. The good news is with natural clip-in extensions you can add them as and when you want to with complete ease and with the benefit of causing no damage to your natural hair.

Easy to use

The clip-in extensions are fast and easy to insert into your natural hair by simply parting your hair into sections and then making use of the kit, which contains eight bands of various widths. Each band includes metal clips, which are hypo-allergenic and anti-slip. You can reposition them with complete ease by merely opening the clip, moving the extension and then clipping it again. You can do this on your own looking in the mirror, which can save you a fortune in the long run.


Our vast range of clip in hair extensions is a wonderful way of giving you a look you’re craving. Whether it’s to wow your friends or to look great for love in your life, then clip in hair extensions can do just that. Attaching them is sheer simplicity and doesn’t involve using any harsh chemicals that damage or weaken your hair.

These characteristics ensure that clip in extensions are amongst the very easiest to apply, making them accessible to professionals and novices alike. It also means that clip in extensions are reusable, meaning you ‘wear’ them like you would a favourite dress or blouse. They are flexible and gentle enough to say that you can use them when you need to look great and take them out when you’re done.

Natural effect

There is an extensive range of hair extensions available on the market. You can choose between synthetic hair or natural, one hundred per cent human hair. Human hair is the better option if you want to create a completely natural look. The human hair also gives you the ability to style it as you wish and it will blend in seamlessly with your own hair, as long as you choose the right colour based on your current hair colour.

You will find that the natural extensions clip-in curly options also provide you with the convenience of not damaging your own hair, unlike so many of the hair extension options available on the market today. With the clip in design, you can add you're natural extensions clip-in curly when you want to add length or volume, removing them each evening, reducing damage to your natural hair at all times.


At Expert Hair Extensions, we provide you with a selection of natural extensions clip-in curly to choose from varying in terms of colour and lengths. This way, we guarantee that you will find the perfect match based on your natural hair colour and the volume or length you want to achieve.

The rigorous testing we put our products through means that anything bearing our name will be of the absolute highest quality. We understand precisely how important great hair is to modern women, which is why we create our extensions to be the best around. Hair extensions are useless if they don’t look natural - something that our Remy hair products don’t suffer from

Call our team now to have your questions answered and buy with confidence. Our experienced team provide extensive industry experience to provide you with sound advice that you can trust.