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Our huge collection of clip in hair extensions come in a range of styles, colours and lengths giving you the look and enhancing your hair to new levels. Compared to any other hair extension type these clip-ins provide a completely versatile transformation. Whatever your hair length, you can simply enhance your look, making your hair appear thicker, longer or more voluminous. Created from 100% real Remy human hair, these clip-ins can be washed and are stress-free to style. View our full range of clip in hair extensions below.

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Clip-in hair extensions

If you are longing for a new look, but can’t grow your hair long enough to achieve the style you’re after, then our full head of clip-in hair extensions are the quick and simple solution to your problem. No need to worry about damaging your hair either, as the full head of clip-in hair extensions are about as gentle as they come. No adhesive is used in the process so enhancing your hairdo is as easy as can be.

Clip-in natural hair extensions provide you with that change in record time and are long-lasting. They come in several colours, weights, lengths and these affordable clip-ins are available in three main types: straight, curly, or wavy.

Clip-in hair extensions are attached with small metal clips. They are simple to put into place and less expensive than micro-ring hair extensions. Clip-in natural hair extensions allow you to change styles as many times as you like. They can be reused and repositioned as you please, without damaging your hair. Clip-in natural hair extensions give you an express makeover, enhance your hair, guaranteeing beautifully natural results.

Clip-in natural hair extensions come in a variety of weights, colours, lengths and styles. You can make your choice based on your natural hair colour and style. The curly, straight and wavy options available ensure they blend in seamlessly with your hair, making them look as natural as possible.

These extension clip-ins are convenient, fast and easy to use, and hold the extensions in place as naturally as possible. The clip-in extensions are designed to reduce the risk of damaging your natural hair while being considerably more affordable than other options available on the market today.

The benefits of clip-in hair extensions

Whether you are looking for curly, wavy or straight extensions, whether you are looking for long or shorter extensions to add length or volume to your hair, choosing clip-in natural hair extensions will provide you with a host of benefits that you can rely on and trust. These include:

  • You decide when you wear them. Clip-in natural hair extensionscan be clipped in and taken out. These clip-ins provide added length and volume when you want as you may only need them for special occasions and not the whole time. Allow your natural hair to flow by simply clipping the extensions in place and removing them when you have finished.
  • Your natural hair can be styled. Unlike many synthetic options available on the market, natural hair extensions can be styled as you want. You can cut them, curl them and even straighten them without causing any damage.
  • Unclip and use again. One of the best features of our range of clip-in extensions is that they can be so easily attached and removed. Our clip-in extensions can simply be clipped into place and removed with ease, all in no time at all and without the need for adhesive. When you need to dazzle at that special occasion or event simply clip your extensions then remove them after you get home. Our Remy hair extensions are top quality and will last for up to a year of being worn every day.
  • Clip-in natural hair extensions will blend in with your natural hair making it difficult for anyone to notice that the long, thick and beautiful locks you have are not your own.
  • Clip-in extensions will not damage your hair, unlike some of the other options. The clips that hold them in place are designed to be worn for shorter periods and can be easily removed within seconds.
  • Clip-in extensions are more affordable than the other options on the market, such as the semi-permanent solutions.
  • They are so easy to use, clip them into place as per the instructions and you are ready to go.

Why buy your clip-in natural hair extensions from Expert Hair Extensions?

Here at Expert Hair Extensions, we have years of knowledge and experience in the hair extension industry. We have researched and refined our suppliers to ensure we only stock the highest quality extensions that you can trust. We focus on providing our clients with the best extensions at the lowest prices, making beautiful hair available to everyone.

If you’ve left getting ready to the last minute and you want your clip-in extensions shipped quickly, then you’re in luck. We offer home and international delivery in as little as 48 hours, meaning that whether you’re in Paris, Madrid or even New York, you can get your amazing new clip-in extensions and a fantastic new look in time for the big occasion.

Our extensive collection features exclusively the best clip-in extensions money can buy. Our high-quality real hair clip-in extension range includes full head clip-in hair extensions, clip-on fringes, exquisite Remy clip-in hair extensions and so much more. The most beautiful real hair clip-in extensions on the market are brought to you by the team at Expert Hair Extensions.

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