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12 02 2024

How to Put In Clip-in Hair Extensions

Ask any woman about hair extensions, and they’re likely to say how alluring they are. The long and high volume speaks glam and has been consistently trendy. Today, more than 13% of women currently wear hair extensions, and over 90% of them would consider having them in future.

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05 02 2024

Are Hair Extensions Bad for Your Hair ?

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your natural hair. Besides the elegance and glam, the extensions give you a more convenient time, especially when you want to head out quickly to your meetings or events. However, most people hold the fear that hair extensions damage natural hair and prevent it from growing.

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29 01 2024

How Much Are Hair Extensions ?

Hair extensions are some of the most popular hair treatments today for women. They come in various styles and colours to give that luscious look. Whether you prefer wavy, curly, or straight options, you can easily get them done by a professional hairstylist. But how much do these hair extensions cost? Read on !

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22 01 2024

Do hair extensions ruin your hair

Over the past two decades, women have been searching for hair volume and fullness. Since most people struggle with thin and fine hair, extensions play a vital role in enhancing the fullness of hair and adding some bounce to it. Even better, you get to experiment with different colours and hairstyles as you desire. But do these hair extensions run your hair? Read on to know !

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18 12 2023

How to hide extensions in very short hair

Hiding hair extensions in short hair may be even more difficult, but with the help of the right techniques and products, one can attain a natural and seamless appearance. Whether you are interested in adding length or volume or both, here are some tips that will help you know how to hide extensions in very short hair.

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