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22 06 2022

How to curl your human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions can be curled very easily in order to make them more beautiful. To achieve this, a methodology must be followed which varies according to the curling tool used.

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06 06 2022

Micro loop hair extensions, the solution to all our hair woes

Micro loop hair extensions, the solution to all our hair woes. Imagine yourself with long hair down to your buttocks...

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25 05 2022

Micro loop hair extensions and styling options

Two rules to remember: choose a colour that matches your pigmentation and seek professional advice for installation and maintenance.

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05 05 2022

How to take good care of your hair and human hair extensions

Where the problem comes from: The origins of dry and damaged hair are usually physiological. Your scalp is dry and sensitive or your hair care and treatment is insufficient. Thus, there are many factors and the list of those responsible could be long: repeated blow-drying and straightening, violent brushing, permanent colouring and bleaching, pollution, sun...

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11 04 2022

How to apply clip in hair extensions

Want to know how to apply clip in hair extensions correctly? Here are expert tips!

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