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06 10 2020

How to take care of your clip in extensions?

You have chosen clip in hair extensions to change your look, and you want to take care of your clip in extensions? Discover some effective techniques to succeed in this task!

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12 09 2020

What Ingredients are Bad for Hair Extensions?

Bad ingredients could slowly thin the hair and gradually fall out, leaving bald patches or unwanted rashes on the scalp. Furthermore, this would be very unhealthy for hair growth, stunting the process and depleting the chances of gaining your desired hair.

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13 08 2020

Should I Buy Hair Extensions?

Extensions may vary in quality and price depending on where you go. We have collated reasons why you should buy extensions. Read more.

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02 08 2020

Best top 5 hair colour dyes

Choosing the perfect hair colour can be daunting, we have come up with five popular hair colours that would suit your hairstyle. Read more below.

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01 08 2020

How can I shower with hair extensions?

Washing your hair extensions isn’t very difficult unless you don’t know what your doing. Read more below.

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