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Micro ring hair extensions - Human hair extensions

The application of micro-ring hair extensions is made using " micro-rings" for maximum hold on your hair. These come provided and are already attached to the hair extensions. The addition of human hair extensions is a fast and efficient technique to lengthen your hair. You can also colour this human hair extension with easy care. For a perfect and successful application of hair extensions, these are the ideal option to change the hair and your look professionally and affordably.

What’s great about our micro Ring hair extensions products is that they’re all made from 100% natural Remy hair. That’s good news for a couple of reasons: 1) they are indiscernible from your hair, meaning they’ll make your hair look naturally amazing, and 2) your hair extensions can be treated the same as the rest of your hair. That includes colouring your hair, straightening your hair, and everything you could think of doing to your own.

Matching your micro ring hair extensions to your hair colour is guaranteed, too, as we hold a massive range of different hues and shades. Whatever your hair colour, we’ll have a match for it. Your micro ring hair extensions as versatile as you are and will help you look glamorous whenever the mood takes you! Usually, top quality extensions will offer you up to 12 months of continuous use, meaning you’ll be looking fabulous for ages.

When you use micro bond hair extensions, it is also called ‘cold attachment’ as the procedure doesn’t require the use of hot glue to fix the extensions in place. As the name would suggest, micro bond hair extensions use tiny loops that are squeezed around the hair, firmly setting them in place, without the need for adhesives.

Need your extensions or hair extension accessories in a hurry? Whether you’re in the US, Italy, or Greece, we can get your products to you within 72 hours. Our international shipping options mean that you can be looking amazing before you know it, and it won’t cost you the earth either.

Our exclusive product collection features an extensive range of premium-quality micro ring hair extensions for afro hair, micro ring hair extensions for thin hair and micro ring hair extensions for short hair. Superior products to suit all hair types and personal preferences. We also work hard to keep the cost of micro ring hair extensions as low as possible, while at the same time guaranteeing their unbeatable quality. Find the best micro ring hair extensions brand for you on our website, or contact a member of the Expert Hair Extensions team if you have any questions.


Tape in hair extensions wavy

Tape in hair extensions wavy

The tape in hair extensions is an add-on piece that blends easily with your hair. Thanks to the special tape already installed on these corrugated hair extensions, you can put them down and rest them at your convenience. This method of tape in hair extensions is in the form of ultra-thin strips is practical and almost invisible, even undetectable.

This method of cold hair extension is different from additions with rings or the easy loop extension. For a volume effect or extraordinary length: 20 strands will suffice, or 2 packs of tape in hair extensions. To make a whole head: between 40 to 60 strands will be needed

Halo hair extensions

Halo hair extensions

This halo hair extensions is a strand of hair that blends easily with your hairstyle. Thanks to the invisible thread, you can put them down and rest them at your convenience. This invisible extension method is threaded in 1 minute without the help of anyone or tools.

This method of halo hair extensions differs from the one with rings or the easy loop extension for the same optimal hold. For a striking volume or length effect, only one kit will suffice.

No "protein hair" or "synthetic" or "hot fibre" for this product, but finally the real quality with a 100% human natural hair!

Micro ring hair extensions STRAIGHT

Micro ring hair extensions

Micro ring Hair extensions, tell "micro -ring" (also called micro- fixing ring or rings ) are 100% natural strands attaching an effortless and safe way to pose on your hair. They arise using non-invasive metal connectors to the colour-matched to your natural pigmentation. The micro ring hair extensions technique requires no glue, solvents or other chemicals. For good lasting hold, discreet and successful your human hair extensions, prefer laying among professional hairdressers or experts in the field. They use the right accessories to guarantee a perfect installation of human hair extensions.

Micro ring hair extensions wavy

Micro ring hair extensions guaranteed Remy Hair

Micro ring hair extensions wavy are ideal for those who prefer medium curls. They are attached to your hair with metal rings of the same colour as your natural hair. You need around 180 micro ring hair extensions to do a whole head.

Micro ring hair extensions DEEP WAVE

Curly micro ring hair extensions 

Curly micro-ring hair extensions

This process is accomplished by connecting, with a hook and rings, the human hair extensions. To attach the ring to the hair, tighten or squeeze it gently using a special clamp with cold application. You need around 180 micro-ring hair extensions to do a whole head.

For more lustrous hair, full of volume and body, there is no better choice than micro ring hair extensions, which don’t even use glue like traditional pre bonded hair extensions. Some people are lucky enough to have long and silky hair naturally, but not everyone is so blessed, meaning that they need a little help. Created from 100% natural Remy strands, micro weft hair extensions are easily attached to your hair, with a micro ring integrated into the extension.

Curly micro ring hair extensions are a fantastic way to avoid having to wait to a long time to grow your own to the same length. Long silky hair can be almost instantly achieved using micro weft hair extensions, clip in and pre bonded hair extensions, which can be shipped to you anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

While pre bonded hair extensions are quite gentle on your hair, the glue that is involved can have a detrimental effect on the condition of your hair. Micro ring extensions are even more kind to natural hair, as no glue is used at all, being attached instead by a clever ring and clamp system that securely attaches the hair.

Remy hair is the completely natural option which only contains hair from human sources. It’s the only right way to ensure that your extensions are indiscernible from the real thing. Rather than people saying ‘look at her new extensions’, they’ll be saying ‘isn’t her hair amazing?!’

Tape in hair extensions STRAIGHT

Tape in hair extensions

All our human hair is highly resistant. All our techniques and methods of hair extensions respect your hair so as not to spoil it. For this reason, we recommend the pose of tape in hair extensions if you are looking for volume or length! These smooth additions are perfect for all because we offer them in many colours.

How to put the tape in hair extensions 

The tape in hair extensions is simple to place. It is not necessary to go to a hairdresser. You receive your extensions ready to put. With this so-called cold laying technique, the extension is held in place. Thanks to 100% natural and adhesive strips of hair that constitute a glue point, you have to set a lock of hair between these two bands.
This type of extensions is quick to apply, and the adhesive is harmless to the hair. If you maintain them properly, the tape in hair extensions can be reused, and you need to change the adhesive on the silicone tape. This method of extensions differs from micro loop extensions but offers the same guarantee of an optimal hold.
This pose is suitable for all types of hair except frizzy hair. The extensions are of high quality and blend easily, and they are comfortable and almost invisible because this type of laying is very flat, the extension becomes practically undetectable. For a triumphant pose, we advise you to follow these steps:

Isolate a large lock of your hair
Glue the first adhesive strip under the wick selected at the root level
Glue the second tape on the first one by pressing a few seconds
The bands can be more or less wide, which allows creating a wicking effect or thickening the hair. This product of excellence of quality Remy Hair is ideal for those having beautiful hair and without volume, and it exists in different colours.

The maintenance

Our tape in hair extensions can last several months. You can use your usual shampoo and conditioner. However, you must always unravel your tape extensions before shampooing. To avoid entanglement, we advise you to make two or three big braids.
You can also smooth them or make colourations like on your hair

Micro ring hair extensions maxi volume 1gr/085gr

Micro ring hair extensions 100% natural max volume

The natural micro ring hair extensions max volume will offer an exceptional result to your hair.
Micro ring hair extensions or pre bonded hair extensions. This is the ideal weight for any thick hair.
These human hair extensions and without any chemical treatment, will be based on your hair by the laying of rings micro rings on their tip in the form of a stick (I shape) with a clip and a hook — about 100 micro ring hair extensions to make an entire head.
For a pose in less than 3 minutes, discover the clip in hair extensions.