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What are the advantages of clip-in fringes?

Clip-in fringes are an ideal solution if you want a fringe without having to go to the hairdressers. This type of extension is such a great way to test a fringe without having to cut your hair! 

At Expert Hair Extensions, we select clip-in fringe extensions made from 100% natural hair. You can quickly change your hairstyle and get a completely natural look, whatever the colour of your hair. 

The clip-in fringes are available in several shades: black, dark chestnut, chocolate brown, golden brown and light blond. Your fringe extensions will therefore blend perfectly with your hair. 

How do you attach the clip-in fringes? 

Clip-in fringes are very easy to put in and take out. This type of extension attaches to the top of the forehead with non-slip clips. It will take you just 10 seconds to attach a clip-in fringe and look stunning.

To place your clip-in fringe, open the clips attached to the extension and fix them to a thick enough piece of your own hair to keep it firmly in place. Feel free to add a little hairspray for a firm hold. 

Our clip-in fringes are made with quality Rémy Hair. The quality of this hair allows you to colour or bleach your extensions as you want. You can also dry, brush and straighten your clip-in fringe as much as you like. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try our clip-in fringe extensions!

How do you care for clip-in fringes?  

Expert Hair Extension Clip-in Fringes are very easy to look after. Wash them once a week to keep the extensions beautiful and shiny. To do this, use a shampoo suitable for soft hair. To keep your clip-in fringe even softer you can regularly use a conditioner.

You can also brush your clip-in fringe extensions using a soft brush or simply using your fingers to remove the knots. 

At Expert Hair Extensions, we offer several shades of clip-in fringes so that your extensions perfectly match the colour of your natural hair. If, however, the colour of the fringe does not suit, you can dye your extensions to get the perfect colour of your choice. 



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