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Are you looking for longer, thicker hair? Whether your hair is curly or straight, you have maybe considered hair extensions. Here at Expert Hair extensions, we specialise in natural hair extensions. Our extensions are made from quality Rémy Hair for natural results that will blend in perfectly.
Discover our 18-inch hair extensions and get beautiful long hair in just a few steps.

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How to choose my hair extensions?

We only use natural quality Remy hair, and there are several types to choose from. The 18-inch hair extensions are available in all types: clip-in, tape-in, cold and hot fusion, or micro ring. We also have several colours and lengths available.

It is up to you to choose the type of extension and application method, taking into consideration how technical each one is to put in. Micro ring and clip-in extensions are the easiest and quickest to apply and they do not require any professional help. You will be able to add these in yourself from the comfort of your home.

As our extensions are made from natural hair, they can be managed and taken care of the same way you would your own hair. You can dye, curl, and straighten them as much as you like. To look after them, use a mild shampoo and brush them carefully. At Expert Hair Extensions, you will also find a wide choice of colours. Choose the perfect colour to match and blend into your natural hair, or go for a highlighted effect by adding a different shade.

What length of hair do I need?

Not only does the length of your hair extensions depend on what you are looking for, but also the length of your natural hair. With extensions, you can transform your short bob into a look that is longer and fuller with them coming half way down your back. Make sure you add enough extensions to achieve the length and avoid a scraggly look. If you have straight hair, 18 inch hair extensions go all the way to the middle of the back. If you opt for curly extensions, then they will come up a little higher, so take this into consideration! Please note that the straighter and shorter your haircut, the more visible the line between the extensions and your hair will be. Here, you can add a few extra to hide this problem.

18-inch hair extensions are easy to apply and look after. They have a life span of 7 to 8 months. Each extension is delivered in an individual bag for maximum hygiene and protection.

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