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Accessories for human hair extensions

We offer a range of accessories and tools to enable our customers to enjoy their shiny new bonded hair extensions. The simple process involved in applying hair extensions requires the appropriate device to make sure you get the very best out of your purchase. Take a browse through what we have and make your choice!

Our micro ring tool kit includes a hair extension bonding tool for pulling the loop through and a set of small nosed pliers to crimp the ring around your hair and the extension carefully. We also have several options that include items used in the attachment of hair extension tools, micro bead extension tools, and feather hair extension tools.

If you already have tape-in hair extensions and need the adhesive strips, we sell them in packs of 50, which you can have shipped to your door within 72 hours.

We offer micro rings and fastening rings for use with micro ring hair extensions.

You can find latex finger protectors to keep you from burning yourself when using hot glue, which we sell in packs of 10.

We also provide protective scalp shields to help protect the roots when using pre bonded hair extensions.

We are the one-stop-shop for all of your hair extension tools and accessories.

We make it quick and easy to buy hair extension accessories of the highest quality and with guaranteed value for money. Shop online for the perfect hair extension connector tool, hair extension removal tool – every hair extension accessory you’ll ever need! For more information on any of our products or services, contact a member of the Expert Hair Extensions team at any time.

Ponytail hair extensions

Ponytail hair extensions

The ponytail hair extensions, flagship extension of our site, are made of Kanekalon synthetic fibers. Very similar to natural human hair (texture, color, grammage), the ponytail hair extensions is pleasant to the touch, light, and gives volume naturally.
These synthetic ponytail hair extensions easily connect to your hair. To avoid: the iron to smooth or to curl. (max 180 degrees). From light blond to black and chocolate, we offer different colors of ponytail hair extensions. The hair extension will allow you to style differently every day of the week and surprise your friends.

Accessories for extensions

Accessories for pre bonded hair extensions and micro ring hair extensions.

Professional or private individual, find essential tools to make a success of your pose of human hair extensions.

If you’re going to attach micro ring or pre bonded hair extensions, then you’re going to need the right tools for the job. We want you to get the very best results out of using our bonded hair extensions, and you can only guarantee that if you apply them with the right equipment.

Amongst our line of hair extension accessories, you’ll find a number of necessary hair extension tools that you’ll need to get the very best use of your hair extension products.

It could be that you need some dispersion liquid to readjust hair extensions that have been attached using keratin glue or perhaps a micro ring hair extension tool kit for you to attach your micro loop extensions.  Whatever hair extension accessories or hair extension tools that you need, we’ll have them.

Whatever you need to carry out your DIY hair enhancement, we have what you need.

We even provide a hair color ring for just £7.92, which enables our customers to choose the exact color they need for a beautiful and long head of hair. Each color ring contains every one of our many color grades, meaning you can get it just right!

Finger Protectors

As good as our micro ring hair extensions are, the attachment process can be a little tricky to achieve without jabbing your fingers once or twice with the hook. No need to worry, though, as we provide latex finger protectors to allow you to complete the process without sore fingers.

Professional hair scissors

Japanese hairdressing scissors

Sharpened without micro-teeth, designed for hairdressing professionals requiring impeccable quality.

To cut the hair cleanly and precisely, you need professional scissors, the essential accessory to any hairdresser to cut both hair and human hair extensions.

Here are some Japanese hairdressing scissors professional quality and especially cheap that will allow you to make trendy hairstyles easily.

These professional hairdressing scissors are made of high-quality Japanese steel, which ensures very long life even in intensive use.

Hair extension care

Hair extension care

At Elite Extensions, your hair is our first concern. That's why we offer a range of specialized care for hair extensions. Thanks to the different hair care products, you will be able to keep your extensions for a long time, and your hair will shine with beauty.

The range of hair care products has been specially designed to bring comfort and nutrition to your hair. These hair care products will give your scalp and your hair extensions all ingredients necessary for their health. Trust a specialist and opt for treatments specifically designed for hair extensions.

Do not take the risk of damaging your hair extensions with inappropriate products and opt for Elite Extensions range of hair care products to provide your hair with softness and vitality, day after day.