Accessories for extensions

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Accessories for extensions

Need some tools for your hair extensions? We have you covered here at Expert Hair Extension! We have a huge collection of high-quality tools that will help you apply your extensions smoothly. Whatever type of extensions you have, our tools can work on all types, from micro-ring to pre-bonded. View our range of premium hair extension tools below.

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Accessories for pre bonded hair extensions and micro ring hair extensions.

Professional or private individual, find essential tools to make a success of your pose of human hair extensions.

If you’re going to attach micro ring or pre bonded hair extensions, then you’re going to need the right tools for the job. We want you to get the very best results out of using our bonded hair extensions, and you can only guarantee that if you apply them with the right equipment.

Amongst our line of hair extension accessories, you’ll find a number of necessary hair extension tools that you’ll need to get the very best use of your hair extension products.

It could be that you need some dispersion liquid to readjust hair extensions that have been attached using keratin glue or perhaps a micro ring hair extension tool kit for you to attach your micro loop extensions.  Whatever hair extension accessories or hair extension tools that you need, we’ll have them.

Whatever you need to carry out your DIY hair enhancement, we have what you need.

We even provide a hair color ring for just £7.92, which enables our customers to choose the exact color they need for a beautiful and long head of hair. Each color ring contains every one of our many color grades, meaning you can get it just right!

Finger Protectors

As good as our micro ring hair extensions are, the attachment process can be a little tricky to achieve without jabbing your fingers once or twice with the hook. No need to worry, though, as we provide latex finger protectors to allow you to complete the process without sore fingers.

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