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Pre bonded hair extensions 1 g 24 inches give the volume and the desired length for a guaranteed natural effect.

Glue in hair extensions arrives you to the lower back. Keratin, after each roving joining your hair through the use of a heating clamp. Invisible junction points are undetectable.

Expert hair extensions UK suggests you additions of Remy hair extensions maxi volume. Assert your look and carry pre bonded hair extensions 1gr for a longer and thicker hair. The human hair extensions get a natural shine for your hairstyle. The brightness and the luminosity are there for merely impeccable hair. With these pre bonded hair extensions, no need to change your usual product because human hair extensions are not difficult to maintain.

The pre-bonded hair extensions 24 inch 1GR from Expert Hair Extensions are the perfect choice if you want to add volume or length to your natural hair on a semi-permanent basis. These extensions are made from one hundred percent human hair by Remy, a leading hair extensions manufacturer with a global reputation for quality and durability.

Why Pre-Bonded Extensions?

If you are struggling to decide which natural hair extensions to choose, you will find that the pre-bonded hair extensions 24 inch 1GR will give you a beautiful flow right down to your lower back. They are bonded, which means that they require a heat lamp to bond them to your natural hair, giving you a completely natural finish that you can rely on and trust. Once bonded, they have an invisible join, making it impossible for anyone to know that the long and beautiful hair you have isn't all your own.

Remove and Reuse

One of the many benefits of using pre bonded hair extensions is that they are so gentle on your hair that they can be easily removed and put somewhere safe for later use. So, if you want to save your best hair for best you can! Pre bonded hair extensions are typically suitable for up to a year, especially if you buy extensions that are made from 100% real human hair, like ours.

Whether you choose extensions that are applied with invisible keratin glue, hair clips, or micro loops, you’re guaranteed that when you buy from us, you’ll get extensions made from entirely natural Remy hair.


False Economy of Synthetic Hair Extensions

When you choose to invest in pre bond hair extensions, you need to know that you’re buying quality, as you’re going to be wearing them when you’re out and about. You also need to know that your pre bond hair extensions are going to last, which is just one of the many benefits enjoyed by owners of extensions made from 100% natural human hair.

If you buy synthetic extensions, then, of course, you’re going to pay a little less for them, but at what cost? Artificial hair is much more fragile than human hair and will usually only last around two months if worn continuously. Also, you’re much more likely going to get hair that doesn’t quite match your own, meaning that the end result won’t be anywhere near as natural.

A false economy? We think so.

Care and Maintenance

The pre-bonded hair extensions 24 inch 1GR are probably the easiest natural hair extensions to care for and maintain. You will wash them at the same time as your natural hair regularly to enjoy a natural shine to enhance your natural look. You can also style, straighten and even color these extensions, as they are not synthetic, but instead made from real hair taken from human donors from around the world.

Wide Selection

We provide you with a wide selection when choosing pre-bonded hair extensions 24 inch 1GR on our easy to use and secure website. We have an extensive range of colors ranging from black to chocolates to light and golden browns, even platinum. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect shade that will match your natural hair with ease.


Buying from Expert Hair Extensions online will provide you with a host of benefits from our one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee, which enables you to buy with complete confidence at all times.

We provide a secure payment solution combined with fast and effective delivery to your door within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on where you are located in the United Kingdom. We also offer the added convenience of international delivery using express services, catering to clients throughout the world at all times.

Buy your pre-bonded hair extensions 24 inch 1GR now from our website, or call our experienced team if you need more advice or have any questions you need answering before making your purchase.

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