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Things you never knew about your Hair Extension

Things you never knew about your Hair Extension

I will be shocked to find out you don’t know what hair extensions are, anyways, I guess I should tell you. They (Hair Extensions) are the lengths of artificial hair that’s attached to a lady’s hair to give it (the hair) that feeling of long hair. That’s it, and they are also considered as one of the hair accessories that you need to amplify the beauty of your hair, creates a new persona for you and your overall adds a touch of oomph to your overall style.

I’m sure it won’t shock you to find out that most of the stars and your celebrities make use of hair extensions just like you do, now you know what gives that celebrity a look that makes you go aww, basically, it is widely accepted as one of the personal enhancement accessories out there. And this has been so since the time of Pharaoh, according to research, Cleopatra was said to have made use of Hair Extensions.

So, what are those things I’m sure you never knew about your hair extensions? You need not worry, we’ve gathered facts, how they are clipped properly, and the type of styling they can modify too. Here they are.

The Creation (How are they made?)

One of the exciting things about Hair Extensions is how they are made. How are they made? Miniature tufts of synthetic or most of the times human hair and Extensions are all glued together on and your scalp or they are woven into real pieces of hair very close to your scalp. They make your hair look and feel larger and long too. And if you want to maintain them, make sure they last a while, then you shouldn’t cut them, that way they remain long and full.

Still on how they are made, professionals also prefer the natural hair extensions compared to the synthetic ones, and that’s because the appearance is appealing compared to the synthetic, two reasons why this is so is because synthetic hair can’t be styled with a blow dryer; secondly, they don’t hold up to all the heat from applying the styles.

Human hair extension is the best types of hair extension

If you want to rock a natural look, you should always go for the natural hair extensions, apart from the natural look, you also want to avoid the stress and unnatural look that comes with the synthetic hair extensions.

The natural hair extensions are inserted on our scalps by making use of a line of temporal colour for that crazy look, and for that bald man, you can also make use of human hair extensions, it helps too. Finally, you can mix it into someone else’s natural hair.  There is also that little case of Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, this type of hair extension is usually applied to the hair by heating the keratin tip; this keratin is found at the end of the extension.

How long should they be worn?

Remember, we talked about the fact that hair extensions are usually attached to your natural hair, which would shed as the connection starts to thin out and becomes weaker. That’s why professionals would advise to take it off after eight weeks, and this is to make sure you don’t end up breaking/damaging your hair. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.

What’s the cost of a hair extension?

In case you are new to the whole hair extension thing, or you want to start rocking the, you’d want to know how much they cost. The cost of hair extensions differs depending on the type of hair and how long they are and finally, the professional that will help you style it. Synthetic hair extensions usually cost less than the natural hair extensions, but we’ve talked about the difference between the two. So, what’s the price like? It varies from a couple of hundred to thousands of pounds depending on what you want. One other thing you need to factor in is how to maintain your hair extension. It takes 30 to 70 pounds to maintain your hair extension.

If you want to go for the expensive ones, the hair extensions made from the temple is one of the most expensive. So, as I said, it all depends on the depth of your pocket. If you don’t have much money, you can always go for the low-cost hair extensions that are made from normal hair.

But to get the most affordable hair extensions that still has the quality you need, you can get yours in the shopping section of our website, we’ve got the Remy Hair Extensions, real hair extensions, human hair extensions and the clip in hair extensions.

They can also enhance a weave.

Do you know that ladies usually have their hair braided with their heads in a kind of curly outline, then the strips of hair are then sewn into the braids? The truth is, these kinds of wigs are often called weaves and the reason for this is because they are weaved into natural hair.

A way to improve your overall look is to make use of hair extensions combined with weaves. It will also make you look stunning.

Can the Hair Extension be coloured?

For those wondering if the hair extension can be coloured, yes it can be coloured. But, must real hair usually start as being dark, you can always dye to any shade that you so desire. One thing you need to understand though is that since the hair has undergone chemical colouring process, it will always be challenging to change the colour again or add another colour, don’t stress yourself trying to do that as the hair will still resist the colours or worse, break down or damage the bond attachment, and this will ultimately cause you to start falling out.

What method is considered safe?

There has been a whole lot about how safe the extensions are. We’ve also talked about how they tend to damage natural strands. All the known methods are secure, but according to professionals, the safest approach is the Clip-ins, this method is very reliable, and the reason for this is because it is the only method known not to require the use of glue, heat, tape or even rings, the Clip does that job for you and they do it without causing any damage to your hair.

The Clip-ins can be replaced.

In case your clip become detached from the wefts, don’t worry, unlike my friend who threw her extension away only to find out that the clip is replaceable, you need not do the same, when it becomes detached all you need to do is to replace the clips, its quite simple to do, and its also one of the ways that help extend the life of the wefts — wondering how it's done? Simple, detach the damaged clip completely and sew in a new one. This is one hack you need to know about.

This method has been in existence for the past 100 years.

It might sound new to you, but do you know that clip-ins have been in existence for the past 100 years, this method dates back to the 1900s – awesome, right? Not saying that they were as cool and neat as the ones we have now, but just saying it’s a method that dates back to the 1900s.

How do you maintain Hair Extensions?

How do you maintain your hair extensions? The answer to that would be to wash it when necessary, brush and braid your hair mildly right before you go to bed, talking about the bed, one other thing you want to avoid is sleeping with a wet hair, not preventing all of these would lead to your hair been tangled. And when drying or styling, you should make sure that you make use of the heat with care, and if you want your hair dyed, take it to a professional who knows how to do this professionally.

Now that you know the facts about your hair extension let’s talk about the mistakes you keep making as a woman when drying your hair.

The Mistakes you are making when you blow-dry your hair.

There are things you are doing wrong when drying your hair, it's ok, you might not know, but we at expert hair extensions have come up with some mistakes you make when drying your hair and the right things to do.

You shower before going to bed.

One of the first mistakes you make showering before going to bed, this is not what you want to trust me, a woman deserves that fantastic air-dried look, and you are not excluded from this. So, what’s our solution to this? We suggest you stop showering before going to bed, and if you are that type of person that can’t do without showering before going to bed, then you should wear a shower cap before taking a shower. The shower cap will protect your hair from been touched by the water, you want to make sure your hair stays dry throughout the night.

Stop drying from the back of your head

I’m sure you can relate to this; many women make the mistake of drying their hair from the back of their head. The best place to start at the hairline, crown or your temple, you can then move to the back, then your nape. Doing it this way will help you solve the visible parts first. When you start drying from the back, it starts to get harder when you get to the hairline – you don’t want that uncomfortable feeling, can be painful. 

In a situation where I’m talking to someone with bangs, you definitely would want to start from the front. It’s the most visible part of your hair.

Your hair is wrapped in a towel for a long time.

When you just had your shower, you tend to have your towel wrapped around your hair, that’s great, but the problem is, the towel is spending too much time wrapped around your hair. What’s wrong with that is that the cotton-based towel you are using right now causes friction on your hair, this tends to damage the strands of your hair to the point where your hair breaks off when you least expect it.

I’m sure what you are trying to do is to get rid of the excess water you have in your hair, that’s ok, but there are two best ways to get rid of the excess water, one of which is to make use of a microfiber towel or even a T-shirt, this will help you drain out the water, just make sure it doesn’t spend more than 10 minutes wrapped around your hair.

Secondly (which is the best way to dry your hair by the way) is to let the air dry the water, air-drying before blow-drying is the best option to help you with a healthy hair, the simple reason for this is that the hair is in its vulnerable state when its wet, that’s why we advise always to let the air dry it out before making use of a blow-dryer.

You are skipping the heat protection

Every hair type needs heat protection. Even if it is straight or curl, you sure need to use a protective product before applying heat on your hair. Our hair is usually damaged because we don’t apply heat the right way and the more damaged it is, the more prone your hair is to form a small mass or tight curls. What would make it worse is when you keep exposing your hair to the blow dryer’s heat, the effect would be long-term. In short, you need always to protect your hair from the heat of the blower to keep it.

Give the root of your hair the attention it deserves

For those who crave for volume, if you don’t pay attention to the roots of your hair, you can never get it. The best way to go about growing more volume without having to seek the help of a professional is to flip your hair upside down. Once it's in that position, you should brush it, that way the root of your hair will go to the opposite direction. If you can’t use your hand, you can make use of a wide-tooth comb. But to get more hair, set the top of the head with larger rollers.

Your blow-dryer needs to be replaced.

Maybe this should have been the first mistake on our list, but, getting the right product is just as crucial as getting the right tool. If you don’t have a good blow-dryer, you should consider getting a new one, and this is important mostly for people with lots of hair or you dry your hair almost all the time. I hope you know that if you’ve got a thick hair, you are currently damaging your hair if you keep using the cheap blow dryer, what most people don’t know is that an expensive dryer tend to come with features that will keep your hair intact and looking great, I’m talking about features that include multiple heat settings, high power, cool shot, iconic air technology amongst other things. And to prevent your hair from frizzing, what the iconic air technology does is that it protects your hair from frizzing, as a result, you get a shiny hair, and the fantastic thing is that you can get all of these at a minimised blow-dry time.

You keep ignoring the concentrator nozzle attachment

Sometimes we overlook the subtle things that matter. In this case, the flat, nozzle-like thing that’s attached to the end of your hairdryer is essential, make sure you don’t lose it. What this nozzle -shaped thing does is that it helps to channel or concentrate the air in a more precise way, thereby protecting your hair from excess heat – trust me, you need that.

For every style you are going for, even if it’s a sleek style, you still need the nozzle, make sure its there when you are making use of your blow dryer.

You aren’t using the right brush

Apart from choosing the right blow-dryer, there is a high probability that you are using the wrong brush. When it comes to picking a brush, one major factor to consider is the result of the hair type, the exact one you are looking for. For a voluminous hair, you need a round-headed brush, it gives it the bouncing effect but that’s just the head, the material used to make the brush is totally up to you, you have the choice to pick any material such as the bristles, the type of brush that would typically suit women with straight hair would be to make use of the Bristle brush. 

Some professionals also favour brushes with ceramic-coated barrels, this is because the ceramic-coated barrel brush heats up to dry hair quickly and if you have very curly hair, it is your go-to brush for that. So, take note of the kind of brush you are currently using.

Apart from learning some things about hair extension, which I’m sure you never knew before, we’ve also highlighted some mistakes that we make as ladies when blow-drying our hair. I’m sure you can make adjustments now.

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