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Reasons Why You Need to Start Rocking Hair Extensions – How to go about it

Reasons Why You Need to Start Rocking Hair Extensions – How to go about it

Do you want a new look? Beautiful, long and attractive here that’s depicts the worst of a woman's beauty question mark if that's what you wish to do you need to start locking hair extension now. The fantastic thing about hair extension is versatility, and how you can wear a different one for every occasion you attend. You can also customise them in terms of colour the star and how long you want it to be, all of which depends on your taste and what makes you feel comfortable. The practice of wearing extension it's become prevalent among ladies today. What we are going to be looking but today is why people wear these extensions why it's so popular why you need to start wearing one. We came up with several reasons why you need to wear hair extension today, so read on.

You choose what you want to have on

One of the reasons why people prefer to wear extensions is because it gives you the power to achieve different hair looks whenever you want. Extension and lengths, and texture to your natural hair. But you can also use them in the form of accessories. You don't know how comfortable it is to choose the kind of hair you want and being evil to remove and add a new one makes it feel a lot better compared to other hurdles. The exciting part is that it works for everybody whether you like to have a full bun down to the simple French braids c'mon it suits you and it's never impossible to add hair extensions.

You know how boring it is to have one hairstyle talk on your head for a very long time, this can be frustrating. That's the exciting part, and you can alternate between looks anytime you feel like you can choose the long hair, medium hair, curls, ponytails or even the waves - everything is at your fingertips. Imagine being able to control your look, that the power hair extension gives us.

It adds extra length to your hair

If you're looking for an easy way to add a link to your natural hair, extensions are the perfect solution to that. It also gives you the avenue to work that type of hair you always dreamt off. If your natural hair isn't long enough and you feel uncomfortable about it, you can always add extra hair with the natural hair extensions. It has gotten to the point where occasions require you wearing the exceptional look, trust me natural hair extensions would do that in some cases, you'd still want to look distinctive and classy which are some of the pros of wearing hair extension. All you have to do is choose the extension that will add length to your natural hair and make you look more attractive.

You can now rock different hair colours with ease

I'm not saying that it's impossible to colour your natural hair but people who frequently bleach, dye or chemically treat their hair stands the risk of losing the color of their natural hair, it also affects the texture too. To avoid this, you need something that will give you the power to control the colour of your hair without affecting you as a person, that is why hair extensions at the perfect option for this. I'm not saying you should stop colouring, bleaching or highlighting your hair, but at some point, you need to give it a rest, but you still want to look colourful during that phase is when you need her extensions as they provide you with this without taking a toll on your natural hair.
Hair extensions come in different colours depending on the one you want, and the fantastic thing is that it is hassle-free. You can add highlights and lowlights in a different area that you want.

It is also safe to use as it can be applied and removed without causing any damage to your hair

Coming from someone who has once suffered hair loss, I know what it feels like. This can bring your confidence down and make you look terrible sometimes. But that has changed for me now thanks to hair extensions, it has added a boost to my confidence level and fills up those spaces that I was once ashamed of. It is one of the easiest ways to solve the problem of hair loss and balding, it also makes you feel comfortable in a natural but yet sophisticated look.

It boosts your confidence

We see celebrities flaunt their hairstyle on the red carpet, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Sandra Bullock and a whole lot of other superstars feel confident not just because of who they are but because of how they look. Wearing natural hair extensions as they do can also add a boost for your confidence too. It gives you that celebrity/movie star look.

Helps you get over your haircut troubles

As girls cutting her hair is the last thing you want, but some also caught it before realising the terrible decision they've mid, sometimes you do wish you had your hair back, that's where hair extension comes in handy as it can help you fix that problem quickly. That doesn't change the fact that your hair will grow back and become longer come on; it's just that you need something that will fill the space at that point. Hair extension can then be applied to your scalp and give you that long and lox, and just as I said earlier, it won't hinder the hair growth process.

Also, there are other reasons why you’d need to cut your flat, and dull hair, if that's the case with you, don't feel sad, visit our website and choose any of our hair extensions, it could be the clip in hair extensions, roll hair extensions and the human hair extensions. Whichever you want will provide, giving you back your lost beauty.

They are fast and easy to apply

 In this rat race field world, she got limited time to do whatever it is you want. You still want to look good, but you got limited time to spend their hair extension options that would do just that, the clip in hair extension is your best bet to achieve such a look in no time.

It adds volume to your hair

Adding volume to hair can be difficult, especially when it's starting to sing out, or you are starting to suffer from hair loss. The extension can be an instant solution as it will add that volume to your hair, making it look surprisingly thick.

Add the youth element to your style

Is this one natural phenomenon that every woman will face at the point, it is getting old. Starts becoming painful when you realise that as you grow older, you start experiencing hair loss, this hair starts looking dull, making it look like their age is older than yours. If you want to achieve that your full look, use of our latest and modern hair extensions can help you do just that. With fewer hair extensions, your hair will become a sin of pride as it will not only hurt your style, it will also make you feel younger than your real age.

Better than wigs

Wigs are great, as they help you cover for your hair loss. The problem is it doesn't look natural, and it can be uncomfortable to wear common words of it all is that you'll always be worried about them falling off at a bad time, this can be terrible for you as a lady. You don't really have to bother yourself about that anymore as hair extensions don't just look natural, they are also comfortable to wear and you don't have to worry about them falling off anytime soon and you can always replace them anytime you want.

Getting a new cut would be the first thing to do

 If you are opt-in for hair extension, the first thing you need to do is get a fresh cut, when your hair is long and left on the cut for a while,  at the end of each hair strand will make it difficult to get a new extension. If you like to blend the extension to your hair, getting a fresh cut will help you do just that with ease. Now you know that before you get the new hair extension, you need to consider going to your hairstylist to help you trim it down. Why let it be careful not to cut it too short as this can hinder the process of blending the new extension.

Your lifestyle plays a significant role

 One of the things you need to consider before getting an extension is your lifestyle. According to a hair specialist, they are 3 types of hair extension, you have the entry-level, the gateway drug, and the clippings. These are the popular ones for someone about to venture into it. These types are so easy to use as you can detach and attach then back anytime you want. You also have the tape extensions which are very strong invisible and are undetectable when touched; this option lasts for more than 7 weeks or 8 weeks max. The last option is keratin. This option requires the technological process to be attached, they also adhere to the use of what is known as sound activation and keratin attachment.  If you're the type that likes changing colour often, the colour girl type, then the tape extension would be your best option.

Take a good look at your hair

Before you can order for your natural extension, you need to examine your natural hair as this will be a huge factor in knowing how to install the new one. Then the factors you need to consider are the type of hair you have, is it straight curly, wavy, or kinky. The other factor you need to look out for is the colour of your hair you need to know if it is blonde, light, brunette, black or white. Thirdly, the thickness of your hair matters is it plain, slick or at the medium end. Then the last thing to look out for is the air density, is it low, high or medium.

These known factors will help you know the kind of hair that will suit you. The reason is that even if you are adding the extension, the natural hair will still be present, especially when you are using the clip in or tape in extensions. That is why it is essential to be aware of these factors before choosing your next hair extension

You need to know the type of extension that's best for you

You need to know the kind of extension that would the best for you, you are either going for the permanent commerce semi-permanent or something that can be removed or installed by you. If you are looking for something to work with at home by yourself, the clip-in is your best option, you can also use the 3 pins if you like to do this by yourself, you should also have an extra hand while at it. For another complex extension, your best option would be it go to the salon and have a professional install it for you.

Quantity or Quality

 Some extensions are cheap one some are not, for example, the synthetic. Remy hair extensions. The texture is fantastic, and they can also be styled however you want. They don't shed compared to the cheaper options out there. The whole point is, even though its extension it should also feel natural, close to being real, that it will be hard for people to notice if it's natural or no. It is also essential to make sure that the cuticles are all facing the same way, as this would help prevent matting and tangling.

Maintenance and replacement

Just like every other thing you hold, including the natural hair, your human hair extension needs to be washed regularly. Your clip in hair extension should be washed six to eight times every time you wear them, this also depends on how much products you are using.  Meanwhile, before washing your clip-ins, you will need to remove them and comb out any tangling. You can also use a shampoo or conditioner that is free of sulfate and parabens, you can remove the excess water with the use of a towel, then let it air dry.

What to look for when getting hair extension

The kind of hairstyle you work goes a long way in making or breaking your style and look like cool. When getting a hair extension, there are some specific things you need to look out for. For instance, what are the extensions made from? We have a synthetic extension and the 100% natural human hair. Even though synthetic extensions are way cheaper compared to the human hair you still need to understand there's a difference between quality and quantity and just like I said earlier the whole essence of wearing a hair extension is to make it look real and give you that natural look, obviously synthetic hair extension would give you that. One other problem with the synthetic hair extension is that it cannot be it'd meaning sterling would be extension is that it cannot be it'd meaning sterling would be impossible so you can say goodbye to blow dryer and curling iron. The second thing to look out for in a hair extension is how it will be applied or removed. Lastly, what is the weight of the extension, you need to choose from the variety of weight

Say away from this

You need to avoid hair extensions that weigh heavier than your own hair. When hair extensions are heavier than your own hair, they tend to damage and break your hair, what you should have installed on your hair extensions that your natural hair can we stand without any form of pressure. You need to also ask about different ways because it's not a one size fits all thing.

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