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Human hair extensions – All you need to know

Hair Extensions – All you need to know 

Alright, let’s do what some might call “Soul Searching”. If you don’t have Hair extensions on now, chances are you crave dearly for it. You can’t stand watching those cute girls advertise long hairs on TV. That gorgeous thick, long hair will make you like a model. Look, you need not worry! No one’s judging you, at least not me. In fact, I was once in your shoe. If you want that hair to grow naturally, well, that would be difficult. It will take forever to grow one on your own. That’s why using hair extensions would be your best option.

Hair extensions aren’t just the real deal, and in no time, you transform to that girl that’s got other girls tripping and guys staring. In this article, we have put together all you need to know about hair extensions and more importantly, the Pros and Cons of each one of them. But hold on, you not knowing that Hair Extension is what you should go for naturally makes me believe you don’t have an idea of what I’m saying to start with. Not to worry, let's do a 101 on Hair Extension.

One other reason why you should read this article is that you being new in this field means you don’t know some of the tricks used by the hair extension companies. For instance, some hair extension companies use low-quality Remy to make sure that their profit margin is kept (its all about the money). That why you need to know one or two things about hair extensions.

Hair Extensions – what they really are.

Also known as Hair integration (that’s obvious). They are used to increase the length of the hair, and it also makes your hair feel full. They come in two different types. It could be the synthetic type or the natural one. Mind you, and Virgin natural hair extension is by far the best hair extension, even though it is expensive, you will be paying for quality. The reason is, the cuticle of the natural hair is usually preserved, and all the hair runs in one direction, giving it that natural feel. Don’t worry! If you don’t have that cash to splash on such hair extension, you can always go for the synthetic hair extensions. They (synthetic hair extensions) are way cheaper compared to the natural hair extension. But one important thing to note about synthetic hair extension is that heat styling it won’t be a good idea, and they also tangle at any slight touch. It's just great if what you want is a temporal change in style. The maintenance is not daunting on your own part, unlike the natural hair.

Why do I need Hair Extensions?

There are different reasons why you need hair extensions. If you are pussyfooting ongoing for extensions, convince yourself with these reasons.

  • • It enhances your overall look – making you look classy.
  • • A perfect way to add colour to your hair without the use of chemical colours.
  • • Don’t have good hair growth? Go for extensions to add some length to your hair.
  • • It adds that bouncing effect to your natural hair.

Before Getting yours - keep these in mind though!

When it comes to picking the right extensions, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Adding a few strands of extra hair to your own takes more than going to the salon.

  • • Make sure the hair extensions are placed in your hair using a professional stylist. Don’t fall for the temptation of having the extension done yourself, those things might look easy, but don’t do it. You might harm the whole thing.
  • • You should always go for extensions that of good quality. Quality over quantity. But they are expensive. Yes, they are but think about it. An expensive car is better than the cheap ones. That’s the same way your extensions are. If you go for quantity, it will be very ironic that you bought a cheap thing to cause enormous harm to your hair and scalp.
  • • The Extension you use should not be very tight, and in case you are experiencing any form of discomfort and pain, you should immediately see a professional hairstylist, they will help you rectify it.
  • • The number one rule you should keep in mind when getting your hair extension, you need to take care of your hair (I mean your own natural hair). Think about it, hair extensions aren’t independent, and there are reasons why they call them extensions. It’s of no use fixing an extension if your hair is damaged. What do you do? There are specific ways to go about maintaining your hair, oiling your hair regularly is one of them. Going for regular treatments and take good care of it.

All about Extensions – The Pros and Cons.

This is one type of extension that comes in the form of small bundles of hair that are looped through small sections of your natural hair. The Micro Ring Hair is then secured by a metal bead clamped around it using a pair of pliers. A very more comfortable version of the extensions are the loop extensions usually come attached with a bead and loop beforehand. That is why they do not require a loop for the attachment.

The time it takes to fix it

It takes about 4 to 5 hours to attach a Micro Extension.


The Micro Ring Hair Extensions should stay in for 2 to 3 months.

The Pros of using Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

  • The Micro Ring Hair Extensions are easy to wash.
  • It blends easily with your hair.
  • It doesn’t require glue or heat for attachment. What that means is that the chances of your hair getting damage will be reduced.
  • They can be uncrimped and reused.
  • You can slide the extensions on an upward and downward motion to adjust them whichever way you want.

The Cons of using Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

  • The Micro Ring Hair Extension is not suitable for people with short or fine hair.
  • Clamping down of the extensions with the pliers can cause your natural hair to be damaged.
  • Using these extensions makes it impossible to tie high ponytails – for the ponytail lovers.
  • It usually causes strain and discomfort on scalps.
  • It has to be removed by a professional, or else, you might damage your hair.


The Fusion Hair Extensions involves the use of cold or hot fusion methods. For the cold fusion, small sections of hair are held together in copper cylinders, and they are pulled through a lock, these locks are clamped shot using a special tool. The hot fusion, keratin U-tip bonds are lined with silicone. They are lined in small sections of hair. Overall, the silicone lining usually acts as a form of protective barrier designed to protect your natural hair.

The time it takes to fix it

To fix fusion Hair Extensions, it takes 6 to 8 hours.


This Hair extension lasts up to 6 months.

The Pros of using Fusion Hair Extensions.

  • This form of Hair Extensions is often made with good quality human hair.
  • If maintained properly, they are one of the few permanent extensions, they can last up to 6 months.
  • The Fusion Hair Extension is a discrete hair extension that blends with natural hair.
  • It goes perfectly with all hair types, including coarse and thick hair.

The Cons of using Fusion Hair Extensions.

  • Unlike the Micro Ring Hair Extensions which takes about 4 hours to attach, the Fusion Hair Extensions has a long application time, it takes around 6 to 8 hours.
  • The heat used when attaching the extensions can damage your hair.
  • If it isn’t done by a professional hair stylist, breakage and damage may occur during the attaching process.
  • Days after application, you may start getting discomforting feeling such as tight pulling sensation, such as itchiness.
  • They are not reusable, that makes the Fusion Hair Extensions expensive, unlike some other Hair Extensions.

The Tape-In Hair Extension is one of the fastest extensions to fix if you need one. It can easily be put on within 1 to 2 hours. If that’s what you want, then go for it. They come in different wefts that could be anywhere between 1.4 and 8 inches in length. The wefts can be double or single-sided polyurethane tape tabs cut to fit perfectly. How it works is that your hair is sandwiched between these extensions.

The time it takes to fix it

It takes 1 to 2 hours to attach the Tape-In Hair Extensions.


The Hair Extensions lasts for up to 4 to 6 weeks.

The Pros of using Tape In Hair Extensions.

  • The Tape-In Hair Extension is one of the fastest methods of applying for extensions. The application time is 2 hours max.
  • They lay flat against your head, and give you that natural look that you’ve always craved for.
  • The Hair can be reused for 2 months once you’ve removed it. Finding it difficult to remove? Use solvent to remove the hair and reapply using double-sided tape.
  • It reduces the strain that you’ve got on your head, thanks to the method used. The extensions are spread over a large portion of your scalp.
  • For minimal damage to your hair, use the Tape-In Hair Extensions. Heat application is not required.
  • Speaking of heat. This Hair Extension is easy to apply. You don’t need tools or heat to do that.

The Cons of Using Tape – In Hair Extensions.

  • When attached, you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours for the adhesive on the tape to cure. What that means is that you won’t be able to wash your hair or even do any strenuous job that can make you sweat
  • Not great if you are a swimmer (I’m sure you know why…from the explanation I just gave you)
  • You won’t be able to comfortably tie up your hair when you have one on.
  • Avoid silicone or oil-based products when you have the Tape-In Extension on. This is to make sure that the extensions don’t slip down.
  • The Weave Extensions.

The Weave Small Sections of natural hair are braided as a base for the extensions, with wefts of hair sewn into them using needle and thread. If you’ve got thick or coarse hair, this extension will fit you perfectly.

The time it takes to fix it

Weaving Extensions take just 2 to 4 hours, depending on the professional weaving it.


Hair weaves should be used for 2 to 3 months. If kept beyond 3 months, it may damage your natural hair.

The pros of using Weave Extensions

  • It is by far, one of the affordable hair extension methods.
  • Great for ladies with thick and coarse hair, it gives you that natural on most hair types.
  • They are very secure, and they do not slip. Just make sure the braid doesn’t come loose.
  • You don’t need glue or heat for application, and this makes for minimal damage to the hair.

The Cons of the Weave Extensions.

  • It takes relatively long hours to apply.
  • If you’ve got thin hair, you will need to watch it as its weft can be too heavy it can pull roughly on natural hair.
  • They aren’t versatile when it comes to your styling options.
  • If the supporting braid becomes very tight, pain in the scalp may ensue, leading to a headache, hair loss and scabbing.
  • If your hair is not washed regularly, it may later become a hub for bacteria, causing infection if not taking care.
  • Clip-in Hair Extensions.

The Clip-in Hair Extension is arguably one of the best options for anyone who want long hair but been fixed in minutes, and they can range in 2 to 8 inches in size. They are wefts of hair which come with clips attached at the top when been used. How it works is clipping them on at the roots of the hair.

The time it takes to fit it in

The is by far the fastest Hair Extension to attach. Within 5 to 20 minutes, you are done.


Another exciting thing about the Clip-In Extension is that you can put them on whenever you want.

The Pros of attaching the Clip-In Extension.

  • The Clip-In Extension is Easy to attach.
  • You can buy the Clip-Ins in different colours and styles awesome, right? You get to change your look however you like and whenever you like.
  • The Freedom to put on and remove extensions whenever you want makes it a perfect one.


The Cons of attaching Clip In Extensions.

  • Even though they seem all perfect and great, I wouldn’t say so. Clip-In Extensions shouldn’t be worn for long periods as the clips used can cause damage to your hair. They usually cause breakage in hairs.
  • They shouldn’t be worn to bed.
  • Remember what we said about quality and quantity? The fact that they are very cheap means the hair – quality is not top-notch.
  • Strand by Strand.

One might argue that this is more of a method, well, you are right. But there are types of extensions that fall under this method, such as Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-tip. Let’s say I placed them in one category

The strand by strand is by far one of my best methods. It utilises over 20 to 40 strands of hair. These strands are attached together at one end. You can use bond or keratin or the polyurethane to glue them together. How are they attached? Well, the method can be complex, but it’s worth it. They are attached to small sections of your hair using cold or warm fusion technique. The cold fusion involves the use of cylinders and players while the fusion technique consists of the use of a heat gun. The strand by strand method is often referred to as the “Keratin Bond”.

The time it takes to apply it.

The average time required to fix it is 6 to 8 hours. This is the main reason why this method is the most expensive method when it comes to Hair Extensions.


If properly maintained, they should last 16 to 20 weeks.

The Pros of attaching Strand by Strand.

  • They are excellent hair extension of people with thick and coarse hair.
  • They do last for a very long time. I’m talking about 16 to 20 weeks if maintained properly. That is why it is known to be very durable.

The Cons of attaching Strand by Strand.

  • Attaching it can be time-consuming. How many people want to sit for 8 hours?
  • For the most expensive extension, one would think reusability won’t be an issue. Unfortunately, it is. You will need to purchase a new one for another application.
  • It requires heat. We both know what that can do to your scalp. It can also be tough on your hair and lead to lots of damage.

Wow, that was a lot. Trust me, and there are lots of ways to get your extensions attached. These are some, and we’ve also added the Pros and Cons for each one we were able to discuss on. At this point, you should be able to make right decisions when going for that hair extension.

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