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Curly hair extensions

Curly hair grows very slowly. Curly hair extensions are often used to add volume and length. This option is less aggressive than weaving, for example, but the application of curly hair extensions can vary according to the nature of the hair.

We explain everything you need to know before applying curly hair extensions to your frizzy hair.

Types of curly hair extensions best suited to frizzy hair
There are several types of curly hair extensions, some of which are more suitable for frizzy hair than others.

Thus, among the types of hair extensions most suitable for frizzy hair, there is first the micro ring application made with a small metal ring. It consists of passing a strand of hair extension around a strand of natural hair before tightening the whole with a clip.

There is also the pre bonded application which consists in fixing a keratin extension strand with a natural hair strand by using a heated clamp. The last extension application most suitable for frizzy hair is the one that uses clips. These are made on tulle fabrics that come in the form of ribbons. To facilitate their attachment, the ribbons are composed of clips.

When choosing your hair extensions, two criteria can help your budget and the length of time you intend to use your extensions.

How to apply curly hair extensions for frizzy hair?

There are three steps to installing hair extensions for frizzy hair.

The first of these is to straighten the hair. This step is essential to soften the hair so that it is easier to handle and work with.

The second step is to prepare the hair thoroughly. This is generally done with the help of Botox capillary. This product fills in the gaps and restores suppleness and shine to the hair.

The third step is the maintenance of the hair. To keep your curly hair extensions and your natural hair beautiful, you can for example use a special two-phase shampoo. After this last step, you can proceed to the installation of the extensions. Now you need to know how to maintain them.

How to maintain curly hair extensions ?

You can maintain your curly hair extensions by putting in place several care routines. It is essential to wash and condition your hair at least twice a week to keep your extensions beautiful. To do this, you'll need to choose a conditioning conditioner and shampoo that's right for your hair type, and make sure you detangle your hair and extensions daily and before each shampoo. You can use a gentle detangler to help you do this. Good to know: it is better to detangle the extensions after blow-drying! Finally, you need to moisturise your extensions regularly, so you can opt for an oil-based treatment or a shea butter-type cream.

Our advice:

- You give your hair a break and resort to the installation of curly hair extensions.
- You avoid re-exposing your hair to heat, wear a hat if you spend your holidays at the seaside, etc., while your natural hair regains its shape. Also do a protein treatment and moisturising treatments to repair it.

2) Your hair has been damaged by too many chemicals and colourings.

Cut it off, put in extensions, give it time to grow back without changing your hair style!

3) You've also lost your curls because: when some curly hair grows out, the curls stretch and it looks like the curls are getting lost.

You have the choice of either shortening your hair to keep your curls in place or strengthening them with curly or even curly extensions.

4) Hair is not washed or moisturised properly, and the heavy, dull look of the hair means that the curls are no longer well defined.

To remedy this, you can use a clarifying shampoo to remove residues left by hair products, minerals in the water, chlorine from the pool, etc.

5) For those who have a portion of hair that does not curl.

The solution is: either to apply curly extensions at the desired length. Or maintain and care for this generally drier and stiffer portion. Regular care may overcome this problem otherwise you risk losing all curls.

6) Hormonal changes can also affect the shape of your curls (pregnancy, hormone therapies, menopause, contraceptives, puberty, etc.).

7) Curls can also change shape over time on a 5-7 year cycle.

Remember, your curly hair needs to be well hydrated. When the hair is sufficiently moisturized, the curls are better defined.

In conclusion, if you have not been able to get your curls back, use natural extensions instead until they come back naturally rather than using a straightening iron or other chemicals that may damage them further!

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