All you need to know about human hair extension

Human hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular, as they are simple to apply. In addition to being simple, they are quick to install and provide comfort and volume to your hair. If you want to change from a short haircut to a long haircut, the information below will allow you to know everything about human hair extension.

How to apply human hair extension?

There are several ways to apply human hair extensions. You will have the choice of several types of attachments, namely pre bonded hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, or micro loop hair extensions. You can put your hair extensions in a hair salon or do it yourself. However, opt for clip-in extensions if you want to do it yourself.

To install your pre bonded hair extensions, you must proceed in stages. Make a horizontal parting at the back of the head. Next, select a strand of hair that will be the starting point for the installation of the extensions. Heat the keratin in the strand with a special tool once the strand is in place. Wrap the keratin point 1 inch from the root of the selected strand.

Repeat the process around the horizontal parting to achieve the desired result. Then release your hair to make a higher horizontal parting on your head. Repeat the operation 3 or 4 times to obtain a harmonious and satisfactory result.

How do I care for a human hair extension?

To care for human hair extension, you should wash it weekly with mild shampoo or conditioner. The shampoo you use should not contain glycerine or silicone. After washing your hair extension, you should rinse it with warm water. Then dry the human hair extensions using a towel. You can also use an electric hair dryer for this drying process. However, keep the appliance 20 cm away from your hair.

Then detangle your hair evenly using your fingers. Use a soft brush to brush your hair in the morning and evening. During the summer, protect your hair extension from the sun, chlorine and salt from sea water. These elements are able to dry out the hair, as well as break it.

The different types of human hair extensions

There are many different types of human hair extensions to choose from. Still called keratin extensions, pre bonded hair extensions are the most common. The advantage of this type of extension is that it allows you to have more hair volume or to extend your hair up to 28 inch, just like the micro loop hair extensions.

If you are looking for natural hair extensions that are easy to apply, opt for the clip-in hair extension, which can be applied immediately. If you have thick, medium density hair, this is the extension for you. The micro ring hair extension also allows you to gain volume and to have a long hair. Its installation with micro rings allows to have invisible hair extensions.

You now have the essential information on human hair extensions. Do not hesitate to embellish your look by adopting the style and the colour of extension of your choice.

Why choose Pre bonded hair extensions ?

Pre bonded hair extensions are natural extensions, which means that they are made from real hair. made from real hair. Their main advantage is therefore that they offer a 100% natural look. They are also more durable and, if the installation is well and regular maintenance, they can be kept for up to 6 months.

Another advantage of human hair extensions is that they can be applied hot or cold, but they can also be clips or looped for more occasional needs. You can therefore use them in all situations.

Pre bonded hair extensions are therefore the best choice if you want a long-lasting and elegant result. and elegant result.

The disadvantages of Pre bonded hair extensions 

On the other hand, Pre bonded hair extensions are more fragile and require more care. In particular, you will need to wash your hair regularly, using gentle products, and remember to detangle it regularly. Moreover, the installation of Pre bonded hair extensions is longer than for synthetic extensions and, of course, the price will be higher (£500 minimum including installation).

At Expert hair extensions, we offer a wide range of  Pre bonded hair extensions, in many colours and lengths, in order to meet the needs of all women.

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