CHEAP HAIR EXTENSIONS – Definition and history

Definition Natural baldness or baldness following age-related hair loss concerns women as much as it does men. There are three solutions for people with thinning hair, or who have patchy hair loss. The first is to do nothing, but long term this means putting up with mocking looks. The second solution, for varying degrees of hair loss, is hair implants. This is a surgical procedure using grafts taken from a healthy part of the scalp (usually from the nape) and implants them in the bald areas. This method is useful, but it is relatively expensive. This method uses the following terms: hair implants, implants, micro-grafts, autografts, mini grafts, hair transplant, etc. This technique works well initially, but some specialists question its long term success. The third solution is the cheap hair extensions. This procedure has the benefit of being non-surgical, natural and reversible. The latter solution will be discussed further in this article. Hair extensions consist of adding natural or synthetic hair to the base of existing hairs. History Hair has always been a crucial part of male and female beauty. Thousands of years ago, Egyptians were already using cheap hair extensions. At that time hair extensions were used to enhance thinning hair or as ornamental embellishments. At that time wigs were also used by men as a way to combat lice, as long as their head was shaved!

Asian countries also learned to make hair extensions a long time ago. Moreover, they exported hair extensions and wigs, which were initially made exclusively of human hair. Asian countries were experts in how to create and attach these extensions and wigs. Wigs were affixed using plant resin or beeswax. Nowadays, cheap synthetic hair extensions are increasingly used. Most noticeably, it is the application methods which have changed. Fusion methods are now used pre bonded hair extensions,clip-in hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions (rings or threads) and ultrasonic extensions.

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