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Do you want to accelerate hair growth with brewer's yeast, reduce hair loss and strengthen your hair fibre?

Elite extension has designed this customised formula to meet your needs.

  • Accelerates hair growth and strengthens nails
  • Rebuilds your hair from within
  • Strengthens the overall appearance of your hair
  • Strengthens hair elasticity
  • For all hair types
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Strengthens the overall appearance of your hair

Dull and damaged hair often goes hand in hand with brittle or fragile nails.

Often synonymous with a deficiency or a state of fatigue. These problems should be taken seriously.

This food supplement for hair and nails, developed in a French laboratory by a team of scientists, is a concentrate of active ingredients that help the body to synthesise keratin, which has a beneficial effect on the hair and nails.

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