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Our pre bonded hair extensions 18 inches. 

Our pre bonded hair extensions 18 inches allow you to have long hair up to the middle of the back. These human hair extensions offer a soft, silky, and shiny hair.

Natural hair extensions and bluffing thanks to our hair extensions 18 inches

Thanks to our 18 inches hair extensions for straight hair, you get a dreamy hair with a comfortable and invisible rendering. The richness of our range and its different shades allows you to adapt to the best and closest to the tone of your hair: black, brown, dark chestnut, light brown, chocolate, light blond, dark blond, ash blond, golden blonde, auburn, platinum blonde, purple, red, pink, blue or plum, the choice is vast!

The quality Remy Hair of our natural hair extensions is a pledge of excellence. They can smooth, curl, color, and have a very long life. If you want even more length, our human hair exists in extensions of 24 inches or extensions of 28 inches.

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Our human hair extensions 18 inches have a tip of keratin, a protein naturally present in our hair, and arise using a hot plier. The keratin hardens on contact with the plier and dries and then becomes imperceptible. Only one strand can support 100 grams of wicks. These points of attachment to keratin melt perfectly in your hair, in all discretion, and allow you to achieve all the hairstyles that suggest your imagination! Pre bonded hair extensions have the advantage of being very strong and let your hair breathe because they are fixed at half a centimeter from your roots.

You need about 180 pre bonded hair extensions to make an entire head. Our hair extensions are packaged in packs of 20 strands. Find also all of our pre bonded hair extensions straight.

How to maintain 18 inches hair extensions

To avoid knots on these 18 inches hair extensions, it is best to lean your head back when you wash them. Repairing care is advised regularly to feed them.

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