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Looking to dramatically transform your hairstyle? Pre-bonded curly hair extensions are the perfect extensions for you. They offer you stunning curls while flawlessly blending into your hair. View our range of pre-bonded extensions below. 

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Pre-bonded curly hair extensions  

If you want to instantly enhance your current hairstyle, there is no better way than pre-bonded curly hair extensions. Providing glamorous curls, they can be blended into your natural hair and attached using heated, keratin-based glue.

These natural human hair extensions give you glamorous curls. They blend in with your hair, using a keratin-based adhesive. To connect the pre-bonded hair extensions to your natural hair, you heat them using the heating clamp, and the invisible glue fuses the hair extensions to your hair.

When the keratin dries, you are left with curly, shiny and long-lasting hair. You will need around 180 pre-bonded hair extensions to make an entire head. You can also find curly natural hair extensions in the clip-in and micro-ring range. The quality of these extensions is guaranteed by Expert Hair Extensions during their specified life-cycle.

At Expert Hair Extensions, our rigorous testing methods mean that you are always guaranteed the very best quality of pre-bonded curly hair extensions on the market. Our products are designed to last and look great for their entire specified life-cycle.

Keratin is an invisible glue that is used to fuse hair as it is heated using a specially designed clamp. Curly hair extensions are created using 100% natural strands of human hair combined to make the perfect enhancement to your hair.

If you’re worried that your pre-bonded hair extensions are not going to blend into your hair because of not getting an exact colour match, then you needn’t be concerned. Our curly hair extensions come in a wide selection of colours and shades, meaning that whatever colour your hair is, there will be an option that matches your shade perfectly. Not only that but if your hair is naturally curly, then you can opt for ‘deep wave’ extension to accentuate those curls with beautiful results.

Our products are so durable that you can straighten and even colour your extensions as you would do with your own hair.

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