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Micro ring hair extensions Remy Hair

Natural micro-ring hair extensions deep wave. This process is accomplished by connecting, with a hook, a lock of hair and another of the human hair extensions. To attach the ring to the hair, simply tighten or squeeze it gently using a special clamp with cold application. You need around 180 micro-ring hair extensions to do a whole head.

For more lustrous hair, full of volume and body, there is no better choice than micro ring hair extensions, which don’t even use adhesive like traditional bonded hair extensions. Some people are lucky enough to have long and silky hair naturally, but not everyone is so blessed, meaning that they need a little help. Created from 100% natural Remy strands, micro weft hair extensions are easily attached to your own hair, with a micro ring integrated into the extension.

Deep wave natural micro ring hair extensions are a fantastic way to avoid having to wait to a long time to grow your own to the same length. A long head of silky hair can be almost instantly achieved using micro weft hair extensions, clip in and pre bonded hair extensions, which can be shipped to you anywhere in the world within 48 hours.


Whilst keratin-based hair extensions are quite gentle on your hair, the hot glue that is involved can have a detrimental effect on the condition of your hair. Micro ring extensions are even more kind to natural hair, as no glue is used at all, being attached instead by a clever ring and clamp system that securely attaches the hair to your natural strands.

Remy hair is the completely natural option which only contains hair from human sources. It’s the only true way to ensure that your extensions are indiscernible from the real thing. Rather than people saying ‘look at her new extensions’, they’ll be saying ‘isn’t her hair amazing?!’