Micro loop hair extensions STRAIGHT

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Micro loop hair extensions STRAIGHT

Our wide range of micro loop hair extensions which come in a range of styles, colours and lengths giving you the look and enhance your hair to new levels. The micro loop extensions give you a versatile enhancement compared to any other hair extension type. Whatever your hair length. View our range of straight micro-loop hair extensions here.

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Micro loop hair extensions Remy hair

The micro loop hair extensions with their "lasso" fasteners, guarantee long durability of your hair extensions. As well as for the laying of micro-ring hair extensions with rings, the pose of the micro loop hair extensions is safe for your hair and your scalp with their padded connectors, which protect your natural locks and the hair extensions from any risk of breakage. You need to buy around 180 micro loop hair extensions to make an entire head. Just insert a strand of hair inside the connector equipped with a small lasso using a hook or pulls. For an even more straightforward style you can also try the clip-in hair extension.

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