Micro loop hair extensions STRAIGHT

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Micro-loop straight hair extensions

We have a wide range of micro-loop hair extensions which come in a range of styles, colours and lengths giving you the look to enhance your hair to new levels. The micro-loop extensions give you a versatile makeover compared to any other hair extension type, whatever your hair length. View our range of micro-loop straight hair extensions here.

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Putting in your micro-loop hair extensions. 

Micro-loop hair extensions are hair extensions that do not require heat to attach. 

Easy to put in and use. These micro-ring extensions are made of 100% natural hair, so they are smooth and beautifully silky. 

You won't need to go to the hairdressers to attach them. This type of extension is equipped with a small connector that allows you to do it yourself. That's why they are called cold fusion extensions.

To attach your extensions, start by making a line using a tail comb on either side of your ears. Then clip your hair back above the separation. Simply insert a small lock of hair inside the micro-loop using the hook provided. All you have to then do is pull the micro-ring until the extension is properly positioned and then flatten the connector with the provided clips. 

For extra volume and a natural finish, we recommend leaving a space of around 1.5 cm between each extension. 

Looking after your micro-loop hair extensions.

The micro-loop hair extensions at Expert Hair Extensions are made using Remy Hair. This is an internationally recognised name that guarantees the quality of these natural hair extensions. The micro-loop hair extensions are sorted and graded by hand, super silky and ready to use! Each extension is carefully packaged in cellophane to keep them clean and in pristine condition for optimal hold.

Micro-loop hair extensions are made from natural hair, so you can colour, bleach, curl and straighten them. Each extension will be beautifully integrated into your hair for a natural, silky result that is full of volume. The micro-loop hold your extensions in perfectly without damaging your natural hair. They are ultra resistant and completely harmless to your scalp. 

These micro-loop hair extensions can be reused and they have a lifespan of 5 to 7 months. To take care of them, use the same shampoo as you do for your own hair. We recommend that you always brush your extensions before washing them. Start at the roots and work your way to the tips when shampooing, keep your head straight and, when washing your scalp, pay particular attention to the areas where the extensions are attached. 

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