Micro ring hair extensions STRAIGHT 0.85g

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Micro ring hair extensions Remy Hair

The 0.85g micro ring hair extensions guarantee more volume for your hair without glue, heat or solvent for removal.

You can install them with rings or micro-rings (included) and with special pliers. You need about 120 micro ring hair extensions to make a whole head.

Micro ring hair extensions 18 Inch 0.85Gr.

Micro ring hair extensions 

18-inch hair extensions 0.85 gr guarantee you a head of hair with an unprecedented volume and length.

These I tip hair extensions will offer you a length that falls to the middle of the back and several options for hairstyles for all seasons trends. These Micro ring hair extensions will bind to your hair with rings provided and using special pliers.

Micro ring hair extensions 24 Inch 085Gr.

Micro ring hair extensions 

24 inch 0.85 gr will give you the length but also the desired volume. These micro bond hair extensions come you lower back to provide you with several options for capping.

Buns, fringes on the side are only a foretaste of the long list of hairstyles trends to benefit through proper handling of micro bond hair extensions, rings and special pliers.