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Micro loop hair extensions wavy

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Micro loop hair extension Remy hair body wave

Micro loop hair extension Remy hair body wave closure is "lasso", will enrich your short hair with a long cascade of waves. Wearing this micro loop hair extensions to another major benefit: This method of laying extension is the most neutral for your hair. Without glue or solvent, unlike pre bonded hair extensions for example, the silicone connectors protect the strands from the micro loop extensions and the hair from any breaks. You need to buy about 180 micro loop hair extensions to make an entire head. For a simple and effective installation also discover the clip in hair extensions.

Micro loop hair extensions are also reusable, as they use silicone connectors, which protect the strands of your natural hair against breakages. No solvent or glue is used in the attachment of these hair extensions, which allows for fixing and removal without damage to both natural and extension hair.

If you’d like to try them for yourself, we can ship them to your door with our 48 hour international delivery service. Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver clip in, pre bonded and micro loop hair extensions to you in next to no time.

Remy micro loop hair extensions are indistinguishable from the real thing and are so easy to attach to your own. There is a loop in each one that enables you to pull the strands of your own hair through. Then it is just a case of compressing the band inside the remy micro loop hair extensions around your own and that’s it!

What’s more, the term ‘Remy’ means that they’re guaranteed to look natural, because that’s what they are. 100% natural human hair sourced from quality suppliers, treated and woven together for use in all kinds, lengths and colours of hair. Whatever colour your hair is, there will be one that perfectly matches yours for a supremely blended and totally authentic look.

If all that wasn’t enough, we ship your purchases to you within 72 hours, wherever you are for a small fee. You won’t be kept waiting to get the look you desire.