Micro loop hair extensions 1G / 0.85G

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Micro-loop hair extensions - 1 g / 0.85 g

View our variety of premium micro-loop hair extensions. We have a large collection of colours that suits any hair type. Made from 100% natural hair to give your hair that needed boost. View our high-quality variety of Remy extensions:

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Micro-loop natural hair extensions

With micro-loop extensions, 0.85 grams, all hairstyles are possible. These human hair extensions will give you amazing, silky hair. The silicone connectors ensure a damage-free and long-lasting hold and you can therefore sleep with them in with no worries at all. You need about 120 micro-loop extensions to make a whole head. The maximum volume (0.85 g) hair extensions are also available to buy in pre-bonded or clip-ins.

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