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Clip-in curly extensions give you beautiful and long hair. For a voluminous effect and a touch of creativity to the texture of your hair, these natural curly clip-in extensions are quick to pick up and put in at home. Looking for the confidence that a beautiful, long head of hair brings? Then our clip-in hair extensions are just the ticket. They offer the kind of body to your hair that would otherwise take months or even years to achieve alone. What’s more, they’re simple to attach and gentle on your locks.

This affordable clip-in extension kit contains 16 clips and is composed of 8 bands of different widths. The extensions are held in place by a specially designed hypoallergenic, anti-slip and repositionable clip that gives you striking and natural results.

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Clip-in natural curly extensions provide you with beautiful hair, added volume, and the extra length that can help boost your confidence and self-esteem, whether you want longer hair for a special event, or added volume every day. The good news is clip-in natural extensions can be put in as and when you want, all with complete ease and with the additional benefit of causing no damage to your natural hair.

Easy to use

The kit makes it easy to add in the clip-in extensions. Each kit contains eight bands of various widths so simply part your hair into sections to add in the natural hair extensions. Each band includes a hypoallergenic and anti-slip metal clip. You can reposition them with complete ease by simply opening the clip, positioning the extension and then clipping it down again. This can be done on your own with a mirror, which will save you a fortune in the long run.


Our vast range of clip-in hair extensions is a wonderful way of giving you that look you are craving. Whether it’s to wow your friends or to look great for that someone special in your life, our clip-in hair extensions can do just that. Attaching them is so simple and doesn’t involve using any harsh chemicals that damage or weaken your hair.

These features mean that clip-in extensions are amongst the very easiest to apply and are available to professionals and novices alike. It also means that clip-in extensions are reusable, allowing you to wear them like your favourite dress or blouse. They are versatile and gentle so you can use them when you need to look great and simply take them out when you’re done.

Natural effect

There is an extensive range of hair extensions available on the market. You can choose between synthetic or natural hair that is one hundred per cent human hair. Human hair is the best option if you want to create a completely natural look. Be sure to choose the right colour of extensions based on your current hair colour and simply style them as you wish, blending them seamlessly into your own hair.

Unlike so many of the hair extension options available on the market today, the advantage of natural curly clip-in extensions is that you do not damage your own hair. With the clip-in design, you can add the natural curly extension clip-ins when you want, adding length or volume, and then remove them each evening and reduce the damage to your natural hair at all times.


At Expert Hair Extensions, we provide you with a selection of colours and lengths of natural curly extension clip-ins to choose from. This way, we guarantee that you will find the perfect match based on your natural hair colour and achieve the volume or length you want.

The rigorous testing we put our products through means that anything bearing our name will be of the absolute highest quality. We understand precisely how important great hair is to modern women, which is why we create our extensions to be the best around. Hair extensions are useless if they don’t look natural – a problem that our Remy hair products do not experience.

Call our team now with your questions so you can buy with confidence. Our experienced team have the extensive industry experience to provide you with sound advice that you can trust.

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