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Micro Ring Straight Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions, (also called micro - fixing ring or rings) are 100% natural strands, which attach an effortlessly and is safe way to style your hair. They arise using non-invasive metal connectors to the colour-matched to your natural pigmentation. The micro ring hair extensions technique requires no glue, solvents or other chemicals. They use the right accessories to guarantee a perfect installation of human hair extensions. View our stunning range of straight micro ring hair extensions below.

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How to apply natural Micro ring hair extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions can be applied using two methods: the micro-tube or the micro-ring. In both cases, a ring system is used to attach the rings. Also, no heat or chemicals (glue) are needed to attach the extension strands to your natural hair.

To attach a natural hair extension, simply slide a strand of your hair into the connector and insert the extension. Tighten with the clip provided and you're done. The attachment point of the natural cold extensions is very strong and does not damage the scalp. You are free to remove and reapply your hair extensions as many times as you like!

For a totally natural effect, choose your micro ring hair extensions colours from our wide range of natural hair band colours: auburn, golden blonde, blue, plum, platinum blonde, chestnut brown, golden blonde, light chestnut, hazelnut brown or even chocolate brown.

Why choose natural Micro ring hair extensions?

The installation of straight micro ring hair extensions is very easy, so it does not require the intervention of a hairdresser. This means that you can put in and take out your natural hair strands as you wish, unlike the cold fusion technique which requires the keratin bonds to be fixed with hot pliers. However, if you want to achieve a perfect result, don't hesitate to ask a friend to help you or to make an appointment with your hairdresser.

This method of micro ring hair extensions is also completely scalp friendly as it does not require any heat source, glue or adhesive. With micro ring hair extensions, your hair is not damaged.

Natural micro ring hair extensions offer a perfectly natural and discreet result. The system of strands and hooks is completely hidden by your natural hair and the colour of our quality Remy Hair extensions blend in perfectly with your hair mass.

Micro ring hair extensions have a lifespan of 5 to 7 months depending on how you use them.

The Rémy Hair quality of our natural hair extensions is the guarantee that your extensions are 100% natural, silky, treated, sorted and grouped by hand. This is a quality of extensions recognized by professionals.

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