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Micro-ring hair extensions 


These are cheap hair extensions that will reach you centre back. This technique is the most harmless option to add length and volume to your hair.


These micro-ring hair extensions come with attached with micro-rings and are applied with special pliers. These natural hair extensions attach to your hair without pulling or irritation.


Micro ring hair extensions are a little different to the adhesive type, but are just unnoticeable, even though no glue is used. They are easy to apply, really comfortable and most natural looking hair extensions around and are an excellent way to add length, volume, body and lustre to your hair without too much fuss and with the minimum of stress.

Micro ring hair extensions are fitted with micro-rings and are clamped into place with specially designed pliers. Made with 100% genuine human Remy hair, these natural hair extensions attach to your own hair quickly and easily. As using micro bond hair extensions doesn’t involve using glue, heat or chemicals, it means they’re extremely kind and non invasive.

Micro bond hair extensions use a tiny silicone-lined metal cylinder, which is gently squeezed onto your natural hair. Individual strands are then threaded through the ring, utilising the loop integrated into the extension. Afterwards, the loop is discarded and the ring (which is matched in colour as closely as possible to the hair) is clamped on using the pliers, leaving you with long, glamorous hair.

Easy Adjustment

Not only are our extensions easy to attach, they are also simple to reposition if the fit isn’t quite right. This also means that they can be removed and reused at a later date, which is a really cost effective way of enhancing your natural hair. Being able to use your hair extensions whenever you need to, makes it an extremely economical way of having wonderful-looking hair.

Please note that we do not currently stock 16-inch micro ring hair extensions – our 18-inch micro ring hair extension is currently the shortest within the collection. However, if you cannot find the exact product or accessories you need listed on our website, please get in touch with a member of the Expert Hair Extensions team and we’ll do our best to help.