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14 12 2021

Hairstyle with clip-in hair extensions

If clip-in hair extensions are a good alternative to have long hair at a lower cost, they are however less discreet than professionally applied pre bonded hair extensions.This is why it is important to choose your hairstyle carefully so that the roots and demarcations do not show. Don't panic: there are many possibilities and you will inevitably find a pretty one.

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01 12 2021

Get more volume with pre bonded hair extensions

Do you want to add volume to your hair and don't know what to do? Don't worry about it! The hair extensions market offers solutions adapted to all hair types. Volume for anyone who wants it, with three installation techniques to choose from: clips, micro loop hair extensions, and pre bonded hair extensions installation.

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09 11 2021

The ultimate guide of hair extensions

All women dream of having long, shiny, voluminous and silky hair. It has always been a symbol of femininity and seduction. Don't wait for years to have a mermaid mane, opt for the easy way with clip-in hair extensions.

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29 09 2021

Curly hair extensions

Curly hair extensions grows very slowly. Extensions are often used to add volume and length. This option is less aggressive than weaving, for example.

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20 08 2021

The different types of human hair extensions

This type of hair extension allows you to change your hairstyle regularly and to indulge in a variety of hairstyle fantasies according to trends. The natural clip-in hair extension can be installed and removed in a few minutes thanks to its clip-in system, you can do it at home and alone without help!

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